Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hell On Wheels

It's just crazy how things come into being. I'm not exactly sure how it all fell into place, but it goes something like this...

We are very close with everyone at the local Metaphysics shop, I teach classes there, our Wiccan church holds its services there, its our home away from home full of friends always happy to talk shop.

So one of those great gals moved out of state, but not before they through her a girls night out going away party, which my wife attended.

So a friend of a friend of a friend who was there, is the athletic trainer for our towns Roller Derby team, and the daughter of our Reiki instructor is founder of the team, so they're all pretty much in on it, and ended up getting my wife a few free tickets.

So of course being a red blooded American Pagan that I am, I was down for it. In fact I bought tickets and took all of my clients and made it an activity. Holy cow, we had a ball! Not only that, but now my wife is interested in joining the team, which is actively recruiting.

I spent most of the night thinking, this seems like something my wife Claudia would be into. For those who haven't had the pleasure, I am married to the girl all the bad boys want. Just like the song, she's the Goth chic that likes watching wrestling, football, Horror movies and Rock Metal; but wait theres more, she can cook like my Mom and knows how to take care of her man. Sigh....

I must admit I find the idea of her in a plaid mini skirt and knee highs, knocking the crap out of some other chic in a similar getup, well strangely arousing to say the least. (thank you God/dess)

Anyways, I been here in "V town" for almost five years and just never knew anything like this existed. It was great fun, fun to cheer for our Girls and they destroyed the Mission City "Brawlin Betties" from Santa Barbara.

There is nothing wrong with a little culture in your life, and thers nuthin rong wit a lil Sub-Culture eithr!

Click on the picture, it's a link to the team's Myspace which is a doorway to this whole other cool ass world. Enjoy.


Jason Miller, said...

I have a friend that is a professional roller girl in upstate NY. Claudia would be an AWSOME roller girl.

Rene' Ardesch said...

Hey Joe........I'm a long time rollerblader as is my girlfriend.................Let me know

e! (Charing's storyteller) said...

awww! that looks sooo bad ass, I wish I live closer C, I would probably join you. I like the pushing and shoving but I don't want to be pushed and shoved by others I'll be sooo! I like the costume though :-)