Thursday, August 13, 2009

...In "Other" News...

As I have mentioned in this Blog post here, my daughters boyfriend has enlisted in the US ARMY and is currently in Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

A place near and dear to my heart as it the birthplace of Sergeant Nichter, I attended Basic Training there too. Now looking back I realize why so many movie depict Boot Camp, it is an incredible rite of passage that we NEVER forget.

So in the first letters my daughter received from the little knuckle head, he told us about his dog tags. He knew how important, significant and auspicious this was to me and many others.

The letters we got yesterday were equally profound for me. First he talked about "the Gas Chamber".... aw the good old days... apparently not much has changed.

But then he mentioned that he gets to go to "Wiccan Services" while everyone else is in church. He said it wasn't as good as the services he's been to with us (Grin) but that he enjoys it none the less and is just happy they have it available.

He requested some reading material, more "good" Wicca books. So We're going through our library looking for books we have enjoyed, when I stumbled upon "the Circle Within" by Dianne Sylvan. It was one of those quick impulse book buys.

I flipped through a few pages, scanning for key words and Kangaroo Magic. I remember not seeing any and bring it home. But that was three years ago and I forgot all about it. So I've started reading through it again, but one whole page at a time, this time.

This book seems to have perfect timing. I think it one of the few books that approaches Wicca from a Non-Magical point of view. The book is about a religion. A simple but important difference that has been the topic of much conversation lately.

So if your a Wiccan, go out an buy it. If your not, go buy it anyways. You never know, you just might get it.


Lavanah said...

Can I send the link to this blogpost to Dianne? I think she would really like to see it.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Oh sure, or course. Actually I read several chapters today and had considered "tracking down" the author myself because its that good, but I decided to wait until I finished it.

So far, its the book I wish I could write.