Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lammas & Lament


Merry meet we hail and greet
sing and dance in tune
gathered deep we call to seat
beneath the sickle moon
we husk at bee and thresh the grain
while bowlines swing in chorus
corn and wheat beat with cane
to lay the harvest down before us
reap the fields and pour the mead
the seasons yield from fertile seed
winnow fruits till baskets fulls
lash the shocks and dance the bull
glean the corn and cull the vine
break the bread and spill the wine
the time has come to dance and dine
and sing paeans to he who shines
Volvitur In Rota!

And Lament...

It was a beautiful day, we were blessed. Part of our tradition is to gather at every turn of the wheel and boast that this holiday is our favorite, we do this at every Sabbat. I have said one of my favorite things about being Pagan was all the holidays. We have more, and we have better. There is food, fun, friends and family, plus we always set something on fire and roll it down a hill or some sort or something or other. I love it.

Lammas is great for many reasons. In my family we have our own Lammas tradition called "Jackin' the Corn" because years back we didn't have any, so we went out late one night and cut seven corn stalks from a field. And we've done it every year since then. But now days we have Coven members who graciously grow corn for the the purpose of having it stolen. (I love you Sis)

But this Lammas Sabbat will always stay with me, because it was the day I lost my little girl.

After the opening ritual; the Poem above which we call a prescription, was read aloud to the Coven and guests while the corn was "harvested" with a nice shiny new Boline. This was followed by a liturgy on the sabbat and then we all shared a few words about the harvest of our own inner fruits and shared the shocks we were lashing.

This is where "Love and Trust" come in, because the kind of craft work we do requires that you openly give of yourself and receive of others, we are a magical melting pot. The Cauldron. And that's when it happened, the Harald rang the large brass bell and everyone returned to the altar. The Priestess announced that it was now time for all the men to retire back into the house, to the living room where they were to wait until they were called to conclude the ritual.

As we made our way I looked back to see her, my baby girl, apprehended and lead away. That was the last time I saw her.

What happened is a secret. Something known only to the women, our women. But they called it a "Maiden-ing", it was a puberty rite. My daughter is no longer a my little baby girl, she is now a young women. She carries within her the power and the responsibility a woman. And I am so proud of her.

It's amazing what you can see in a card with the right prospective.

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Oleke said...

Hey Bro, That was a powerful day. I remember looking across the circle and seeing her next to her mom, E and I couldnt see her as a little kid any more. It was just not possible, I squinted my eyes but nope. Our women unveiled a new level for her. The little sister is a little lady. Blessed BE!!!