Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wiccan Grace

It's incredible how synchronized the events in your life can become when your living in harmony.

The Speculative or religious side of Wicca has really come into focus in my life lately. Once I acknowledged and embraced it, things really took off.

<-----This book by Diane Sylvan surfaced in my life at a suspiciously appropriate time. (click pic to go to Amazon)

Chapter three is about "Walking the Path". As my friends in the Ceremonial Magic Community are fond of saying, "Magic is a verb", and so is Wicca.

A good portion of chapter three is about "Wiccan Graces" or attributions that as Wiccans we should embody. The one that really stuck out for me was Forgiveness.

Diane Writes "the longer we hold past actions against someone, one longer we are victims of their actions." I really chewed on that one for a while, thinking about those who shall remain nameless.

I thought about how much I have benefited from people who have made themselves obstacles in my life, and even though I know they were necessary for my path, part of me can't let go of what they were trying to purposefully do to me. Intent is EVERYTHING.

But I recognize the potential for personal growth and the opportunity for freedom that has been laid at my feet, and I accept it. This coming Full Moon ritual will be dedicated to the craftwork of forgiveness. And to those of you, and you know who you are... I forgive you.

To read more suspiciously synchronized Wiccans rambling on about forgiving their enemies, click here to read "A Letter to My Enimies" that was published less than an hour ago on Witchvox.



Oleke said...

Well said Brother...Scabs have their purpose and eventualy fall away.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Scabs. Haw, nice one. And so do the scars, chicks dig'em hahaha.

Oleke said...

Scars for me take a little while longer, but you are right, e! asks "where did this one come from?" I tell her "while I was fixing DJ's bike." nothing there, "And this one?" I do that 'let me TRY and remember...' and say, "oh! that one? Thats from the wild elephant I wrestled and ate!" She melts like butter...