Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Candle Magic & Mabon

I took this Picture of our Harvest Altar last Mabon and I am still very proud of it. (the picture & the altar)

One of my favorite things about being a Pagan is our Holidays. Growing up my family didn't observes the normal holidays or rather we didn't observe the holidays normally. I always thought it was just us.

Now I understand the difference between "Normal" holidays and "Natural" ones. We did participate in the casual observances with extended family and I was allowed to participate in school activities unlike the children of Jehovah's Witnesses.

I all ways felt bad for them, they were just kids and they just wanted to be kids. But their parents wouldn't have it. Now that I am a parent I remember those lessons I learned at the expense of my classmates. As much as we may want it, our children are under no obligation to participate in any of our religious beliefs and practices, which makes it so rewarding when they ask us when is the next Sabbat or Esbat. That tells me were doing something right.

Thank you Holy Mother & Holy Father.

But I can't really blame them, I ask too. We all look forward to the next gathering, knowing it will be as enjoyable as the last. Our Covenant is essentially several entire families, each Sodalis brings their whole house, spouses, children and a great contribution to the feast. I am an Uncle to every child of our Covenant and they are all Aunts and Uncles to ours.

Just like any other family holiday, the men hang around the BBQ pit and watch the kids play in the yard, the women take over the kitchen until we all end up in the living room singing rock band together. We talk about the last gathering and we talk about the next. We share our joys, confess our concerns and we care about each other.

Traditionally we're not supposed to do CraftWork on a Sabbat, but we made candles. I'd been saving two blocks of bees wax I bought from the local farmers market for a while. I started the double boil once everyone started laying food on the counter. My daughter harvested flower pedals from her own personal garden. And everyone stopped and gave some attention to the process while chasing the little boogers through the house. The magic of the moment, the perfect love and perfect trust we share, the very spirit of the holiday was caught and cast in wax.

This is Candle Magic.

The Craft yielded nearly fifty candles and everyone went home with a bag. We celebrated this past Saturday but we light our candles tonight. I knew it was Mabon when I first opened my eyes this morning. It was still dark then and the shadows of my trees still touch my neighbors yard across the street as I write this. The wheel keeps turning and I can't wait to see them all again.

May your Mabon be as blessed as mine.

Blessed Be.

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Jason Miller, said...

nice post. I love a good holiday reflection.