Friday, September 18, 2009

Incoming Message From The Big Giant Head...

Had yet another great day at the Prison today. It was a nice ride out on the Harley this morning, listening to Cadence on my iPod. Its crazy how loud you have to be to hear your own voice on a bike going well over the posted limit.

On one yard the training wheels came off a while ago and the guys have really developed into a good strong circle. Each of them taking an active part in the ceremonies, learning to perform each of the acts of magic within the ritual. Every time I go, I do less and less. Grin.

On another yard, one of the other things I do is nothing, which I like to call "Facilitation". A naysayer once told me I wasn't qualified to "speak on behalf of the Pagan community". I agree, in fact I consider myself qualified to do very little. But that's not what I do, what I DO is speak on behalf of Pagan inmates who have requested me to speak for them, and only them.

The same goes with religions, rituals and ceremonies. I am a Wiccan Priest yes, but I am a Veritas Wiccan Priest, which only qualifies me to instruct within the bounds of my own tradition. As for established groups inside the Prison walls I provide the simple service of supervision.

The Prison will not allow the inmates to perform large group rituals without a religious supervisor, so for them I make the drive out there, just to watch. But there's is more to it than that, I bring the candles, incense and lighter they can't have either and I participate in their services. And I enjoy it, it's worth the ride.

So today on that yard I was acknowledged and honored for my service to them. I was awarded my very own copy of the Stone Wall Circle Book of Shadows. Over a hundred hand written pages of the spells and rituals of their tradition. They told me that there had been a unanimous vote to initiate me, but that would violate several prison and correctional policies. I was deeply honored to receive my "Honorary Membership" and very touched to be considered accepted.

When I got home there was an email from an old friend about "The Big Idea". I was tired from the all the yelling on the way home (more cadence) and I was hungry, so I just blew through the message, ate and took a nice nap with my baby who had an adventurous day of her own.

She woke me up with a nice dinner, shes such a great cook. Much later after the food and rest I revisited the website and realized what it was all about. I loved it, yeah I'm one of those people. Go ahead and roll your eyes but I've been performing the Big Idea on a smaller scale for years. I am very experienced and have become very talented in accessing altered states through drumming trances.

The Big Idea called for four beats a minute which might sound like a lot but it's not really. Specially for me, I play a Bodhran with a Tipper, meaning I use both ends of the drumstick, really fast. In fact its actually difficult to play slowly. One of the secrets of Shamanistic trances is hidden within the Singing and chanting. It's the polarity.

When we sing, chant and drum we send out an active signal. Once we establish contact we experience a resonance, and shift into a passive mode. Our signal becomes a carrier wave to receive "incoming messages from the big giant head".

I took part in The Big Idea, and drummed for the full hour. I sent out my signal and the resonance was simply incredible, faces flashed through my mind, somehow attached or accessed by drumbeats. The primitive digital technology. Then I remembered the goal and intention of the idea and started pumping out compassion, which was pretty easy I had been doing it all day.

When I go to the Prison, I combat negativity all day. I fight it at every gate, with every guard who sees me standing there waiting to be let in and ignores me. It's like a contest to see if I will loose my patents, they wait to see me start yelling and waving and getting mad. But I don't. I never do. I wait with a smile. I watch them ignore me, I wonder why they do it and I feel sorry for them. I know this is not what they wanted to do with their life. I know they are as miserable as the inmates.

Disturbed people disturb other people. Don't let them trick you into it.

So instead of using magic, cursing them or casting on them, I heal them. I send them healing loving energy. After all I am a priest right. I pray for them, and bless them when they finally let me in. I smile a big genuine smile and say thank you, and we all win. What a big idea...

I tapped into this tonight and sent it out through the drum signal, and the resonance was overwhelming. We are each a small piece of the Dryghten, the divine union of the God and Goddess. And when enough of us get together magic happens.

...ending transmission in... three... two... one... Ahchoo!!!

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WitchDoctorJoe said...

Hahaha, a second, four beats a second! Yeah four beats a minute would be pretty boring, we could call it the turtle beat. Thanx for the note.