Friday, October 2, 2009

Compassionate Release?

Spent the day at the prison. It was nice to be back on the yards again. There have been two separate incidents in the last few weeks, but I get courtesy notifications via email from the Community Resource Office giving me a heads up when the Prison went on Lock Down, saving me a long trip.

Once the Lock Down was lifted on the prison, the yard where the incident took place remained on Locked Down for an extended period. So it has been hit and miss with services, and I haven't been able to get on a certain yard for over two months, until today.

Now I am NOT a "Bleeding Heart" by any stretch of the imagination, I think that inmates get things they shouldn't have, and don't get thing they should. And I am very aware that our tax dollars pay for all of it, in fact I get to see it all first hand.

But, when I get these courtesy notifications I can't help but worry about my guys. To be honest I don't remember half their names, but I know their faces. I remember there words in circle, I remember their prayers for the outside world. Yes, they pray for you. Some of them are Lifers who mentor newbies and short timers and I worry about them all.

So I find it more than kinda funny that the Department of Corrections has a Facebook, which I am wired into and receive all the notifications which are generated by the CDCR STAR, the media engine of the prison system. So when I see my prison on a headline, yes I want to read more, *click* which takes you to the newspaper that wrote it which just like my Blog, allows for comments.

Someone somewhere sometime said something to the effect of "a civilization can be judged by the way it treats its prisoners or enemies, or both." I really thought about that after reading these posts...

This is from the LA Times, the comments are disturbing, but this one comment by MWalters really stuck with me..

"Give a man a mask and you will soon see the true man."

I think about this a lot now. I remember a post I did when I first started writing this blog, something about "technology divorcing us from our humanity", it all comes flooding back and I ask myself what the hell is wrong with people?

One of those guys they spoke of was Paroled yesterday. I have known him for almost two years, he made a mistake and he has paid his dept. I took and active part in his "Parole Blessing Ritual" and I speak with his Mother often. He spent quite a while inside and is now exploring a strange new world as you read this. I wonder what he would think if he read those messages. I wonder if those people would feel that way if they met him, or had someone inside. I wonder how long it will be until he asks "what the hell is wrong with people?"

Welcome home Jesse.

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