Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Suppers of Samhain

It is amazing how difficult it can be, to be silent. At the Chaplains Academy we were taught the "academics" of chaplaincy rather than the religion. It us up to us to be "all prayed up".

We were taught the Mechanics of doing death notifications, we were taught how to administer first aid for Critical Indecent Stress and we were taught the legalities of pastoral counseling, privileged communication and disclosure.

There are so many things I cannot say.

In Freemasonry we are taught to use the Compass to circumscribe ourselves, to stay in due bounds with all mankind. This training helps, a little. In Veritas Wicca we are taught to use the Athame "to cast circles to better contain our own energies". This helps, a little more.

I often sit here contemplating what I can include in a Blog and what is or may be outside those boundary lines. How much can I say about any one person or does changing the names allows me to include more otherwise private things? No, it does not. I always error of the very far side of caution, so rest assured, your secret is safe with me.

It helps in my personal life and it helps in my professional life as a Chaplain a lot more. Yesterday I spent the whole day there, going back and forth between the walls. I performed two religious services which was the easy part, and spent the rest of the day facilitating diplomatic negotiations between the inmates and the office that controls their religious practices. Run by a good man, whom I trust and who has come to trust me. That's Magic.

Inside the Prison I often serve as his representative, communicating on his behalf and returning to his office to represent the inmates and communicate on theirs. This is where personal boundaries are really important, I do not, I can not, choose a side. I am only the translator, so my only boast is that I have successfully translated a great deal, literally.

The Prison has approved religious meals for the Pagan inmates! It will be the first time it has ever happened at this prison. And I am very proud to have brokered the deal. We will be having four separate Samhain Feasts for the different yards. Don't worry about your tax dollars, the religious meal cannot exceed the cost of a normal meal. Besides it really more about the idea of it, the importance of acknowledgment, and the impact it has had on the inmates, which is well... I can't say. *Grin*

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Maggie said...

SO glad to hear about this success! Nice work!