Friday, October 30, 2009

Say Cheese...

Last week I wrote about my Involvement with the Tulare County Paranormal Society. I started out just teaching a class for them and ended up joining their team. I am not an "Investigator" but I serve as an adviser and Chaplain.

Often times when people think their homes are haunted they want the home cleansed and or blessed. This is the type of service I provide, I pray for people.

When you get into the realm of Ghost and Spirits, Death comes along for the ride. And with Death comes religion. And so I follow closely after.

Last week my friend Anne who founded the TCPS was interviewed by the Fresno Bee. She called and invited me to the photo shoot for the article, wanting to include me in the hubbub. I was again honored by the invitation.

We had fun, the Photographer was a professional who made us look really good, despite the fact that a few of us showed up in black to be photographed at night *Oops*. He took lots of pictures warning us that he had no control over what they would decide to use.

So low and behold first thing this morning we found my mugshot on the front page of the Talk section. I felt bad that the long standing group I just joined got jilted out of their well deserved moment in the spotlight of acknowledgment. But thankfully they were happy with the article and thought I did a good job of representing the group, as it turns out they were quite proud to have a priest and professional Chaplain within their ranks.

My only hope is that my photo (click on it) captioned "Minority Faiths Chaplain" sparks some interest in my own personal campaign for religious pluralism. More to come on that soon.

Trick or Treat!


Anonymous said...

Hi WDJ! I was so happy to finally find your blog! I have heard a lot about you through family doing time.
You are a legend among the prisoners. FYI they are rallying to get you hired. I also have some very important information for you, how do I get in touch with you?


WitchDoctorJoe said...

Merry Meet Sis, I'm glad you found me. Easy with the complements, after having my picture in the paper I'm getting a big head. As far as getting hired, it's not just the inmates trying to get me hired, but with the economy the way it is now, it's simply a matter of money. CDCR is firing badly needed Teachers and Med Techs so there is little hope for me at the moment, but that's not why I do my ministry, my goal is not employment, I go for those guys who need me. If I were never to get hired it wouldn't matter at all, I will never stop going.

You can email me at can't wait to hear what you have to say.

olekesbbq said...

What a great photo!

My Gal said...

Very nicely done Joe! Anytime we can come off to the news and public as normal folks, I am all for it. Good job!

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Thanks Sis, that's actually the other part of my ministry. Showing by example how normal we are.

Their have been Pagan Clergy show up to the prisons literally in their best Renaissance Fair Costume, wonder why no one takes Paganism seriously.

My goal is to prove it can be done.

My Gal said...

Wow, Ren Faire costume. Yeah nothing says trained professional like that. (Squeezing eyebrow in just such a manner.) First you must take yourself seriously if you want anyone else to take you seriously.

Keep up the good work bro.