Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Minds?

I have been openly speaking and teaching Wicca for several years now, and am writing a book on the subject. In my introduction, I took what was a somewhat unique approach. The best way I have found to explain things, is also the most politically incorrect. I describe Wicca as "Indian stuff for white people."

I go on to explain the terminology in more detail, by "Indian stuff" I mean earth-based religious beliefs and practices, and when I say "White people" I refer to indigenous Europeans. In fact, in March of this year I gave a lecture at Fresno State University's religious anthropology class, where I spoke in depth on the matter.

My wife recorded my talk and we put it on You Tube as a five part series so my friends and family could see me in action, my Mom was so proud. Judging by the statistics, I'm guessing most people only watch the first video and lose interest. But it is the second and third which I feel are actually the best parts, but it's this second clip that is relevant to my post here.

I bring this up in light of "a trend towards definitions of certain Pagan traditions," which has occurred at the Parliament of the Worlds Religions. Ed Hubbard was covering the event and posted this blog on the subject matter of Redefining Paganism.

While I feel incredibly validated by all of this, I must ask myself: At what cost? It seems to me that this concept has been corrupted and twisted to further a less virtuous agenda, which would only serve to fracture the "Pagan" community into even numerous and dysfunctional pieces. I think it creates more problems for us, I think it weakens us further while distancing us from our goals of a greater good.

I personally don't think (hope) it will generate much gravity. Anyone can try to redefine Paganism in anyway they please, but we Pagans as a society, will continue to follow and perpetuate the axioms of our own existence. Which is a fundamental element of Paganism.

Blessed Be.

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