Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Hidden Temple of Wisdom

Last week I woke up in mid air, again. It may sound odd, but it has happened to me quite often and in different ways. The first is, literally. In Portland more than fifteen years ago, I was an Americorps volunteer. Its a great program, I was looking into the Peace Corps and other similar programs when I found it. Its a "domestic" peace corps, where we do all the same sort of programs, except we do for our own country. I liked that.

So every morning I would get to the metro office nearly thirty minutes early and find a nice spot to meditate in the cemetery across the street. One of my favorites was this enormous tree. I would climb up and lay across the thick, wide branches, just like my futon. Until that mystical moment when your mind lets go of the body and the body lets go of the tree.

There was another time when I lived on a ranch, green breaking horses. I had my favorite, and we would ride the trails bareback. After we returned from one of those rides, I flipped around facing the tail-end, crossed my arms, laid forward, crossing my feet behind his neck, I feel asleep for more than an hour. Until one of my "friends" found me and though it would be funny to wake me up by slapping the horse. They made it up to me later with a case of beer. I remember thinking "Why am I friends with these people?" Haha, good times.

Its amazing how subtly the Matrix can sedate your awareness, and lull you in a daze of complacency. You don't even realize your were asleep, until you wake up again. Like the dreamy summer day, riding my ten-speed through downtown, enjoying the breeze and the view, smiling at beautiful girls and they smile back. Then a car runs a light and cuts the corner, and right into you. Reality slaps hard some times. Fortunately at the time, I was the student of Aikido. The marvelous thing about this particular martial art is called Ukemi. Known as the "Art of Falling," it is a prerequisite of the Aikidoka . So I woke up in mid-air as I was turned into a forward roll and returned the reality slap, with the displacement break fall which left an impression on the hood. everyone was so amazed when I landed on my feet, most of all me.

I woke up again, in mid air. The sensation of being upside down does that to you. It was been over fifteen years since I performed that forward roll, but I started again last week. There is a small red barn located on the side of the highway, just a few miles from my house. It's old and obscure, no one even notices it for what it is. But appearances are so deceiving. behind the barn is a door handle, where there doesn't appear to be a door, and when you step inside you enter an Aikido Dojo, a temple of wisdom.

Listening to the Sensei give detailed instructions on the flow of the universal energy, and the techniques of energy movement, manipulation and displacement, forces a Wiccan to conjure images of a Jedi master instructing padawon's on using the Force. Everything he says applies to Magic, Witchcraft and my Craftwork. It's nice to be a student again.

Blessed Be.

*The picture is from an art website, click the pic to visit the site. (Thats what our barn looks like.)


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