Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's a Bunch of Little Things

It is quite amazing how terribly significant an "insignificant detail" can be. This seems to be the lesson of the week. I had begun Wiccan services at a local state hospital a few months ago, and have added a second. I really had to earn my status at the prison, but the hospital welcomed me with open arms.

They have different rules there, so unlike the prison, I cannot bring "anything" in. But the hospital compensated for this by "making" me what ever I needed. They have made not one, but two, full altar sets from both pine and oak, in the wood shop. Every allowance and request has been acquiesced with out complication. When I arrived Friday, there was someone waiting to escort me inside, unlock the chapel and sacristy.

But when the Assistant-Chief, who is my supervisor, took her very much needed and deserved two week vacation, there was no one to post the notice of service. So, I had everything I needed, except the inmates, who were unaware there was a service. The little things...

My return to the temple is wisdom has been a pleasurable success. I haven't had any difficulties integrating it into my daily schedule. I was proudly surprised by how much I remember after more than fifteen years, but I make a point to empty my cup of old stale knowledge before I enter.

I have spent most of the week learning a new technique. Its very difficult, specially for a beginner, by design. It encompasses nearly everything you need to know in order to perform all the techniques that follow. So to first master the first one, is to better know the rest. I like that a lot and recognize it, because I do the same thing within my system when I initiate someone.

One of the goals is to perform the entire exercise as one fluid movement, there is an emphasis on the natural flow of universal energy. But I hit a snag. I could flow through to a mid-point, there was a obstruction as I struggled to make a needed shift, then glided gracefully to completion.

When I explained my block to Sensei, he asked my to do it again. right at the precise moment that I become hesitant he said "freeze, don't move." He said "look at your right hand, extend your index finger and point it at his chest." When I did this, the Ukes entire arm shifted, and mine right along with it, right into place.

I cannot express the amazing sensation of such minor enlightenment. A reenactment of the technique, *with an extended index finger* placed a man of equal build on his face with seemingly no effort, only proper envelopment of force. The little things.

Last weekend I got interviewed on THE ZARACON SHOW, we talked about my prison chaplaincy and I'm not sure how it came up, but I started talking about these sticky notes I keep on my desk, one of them says "When was the last time you put down your magic and played with your kids?" Sadly, I need these little reminders. But not today, this morning I skipped class and did the Dad thing with my boys. We got out the grills and made a rather large, traditional breakfast.

I do it every weekend for my clients, but I began including my boys in the process some time ago. Cameron cooks the beacon and eggs to order of one grill while I run the french toast factory on the other grill, this morning Tavo got a lesson in pancakes. From patter to platter, it was all him, and they were the bomb. The only thing I love more than a full breakfast, it cooking it with my boys.

I used this picture of the Penguins just because I love them so much. I often use the Penguins as obscure and abstract personifications of what some would call an HGA or Holy Guardian Angel. Bare in mind, I am not a ceremonial magician, but it's the closest description I can use without giving something away. I ate our awesome breakfast watching the Penguins of Madagascar cartoons with my boys. I give a heartfelt thanks to the Lord and Lady for these lessons on the little things.

Your mission, should you choose to except it, it to do some little thing for someone. Secretly. And keep it a secret. Good luck.

Blessed Be


Connie said...

I love the penguins! They are teamwork and family... and a whole lot of silly fun. Good for you for having some quality kid time (even better for your kids!). This is what matters. Happy New Year!

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Yeah I guess you don't see many Penguins over there huh? I feel in love with Cairo and the Sinai. Happy new year sis.

Connie said...

No, no penguins - militarized or otherwise :D Lots of sheep and goats! ;)