Sunday, February 28, 2010


At least one day of my week is spent at a prison or state hospital now days. Last Friday it was a state hospital. It is extremely different than the prison system I have become so accustomed to, But I have come to enjoy my time there.

One of the secrets to my success is that I don't overreach, I stay humbly aware of my limitations and I only share what I honestly believe, or know from experience. It's organic, I teach what I know from my experiences, and what I experience when I teach becomes part of my liturgy. I love that, because it keeps me a student of my own class.

This blog was originally established as "The Ink Blot Tarot." Which is an idea that works quite well and is one of my favorite group exercises within an institutional setting. Friday's participants pulled cards like DEATH and the Nine of Swords, and although I personally have no aversion to them, I was concerned with "their" possible interpretations of these cards. I was however, incredibly inspired by the results.

It takes an incredible amount of courage for most of these individuals to open up and express their feelings, for many reasons. So forgoing all the mystical tarot hoopla and/or violating the trust of my congregants, I will cut to the chase and share what I've been given permission to share.

Which is despite the lives these people have lived, the mistakes they have made, the personal issues they are struggling with or the seemingly bleak circumstances of their current existence, they remain incredibly optimistic. When I asked the person who pulled this card to chose one word to describe the overall theme or message or the Nine of Swords, the answer was "Awakenings" which was thus explained in great detail, in the most positive sense of the word.

It was the first time I saw that person smile. Which is why I do this.

Thank you Lord and Lady, for teaching me the importance of perspective. Blessed Be.

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