Sunday, April 4, 2010


It's so subtle, so unnoticeable. It comes on so slowly that you don't realize it has had you until after it leaves you. How ironic that that it is not it's presence that we sense, but it's absence.

For the last few days I have been without internet service. I found my initial response quite disturbing, I recognized what I felt as the symptoms of withdraws.

I constantly wanted to check my Facebook live-feed, check in to see if my favorite fellow bloggers have any new words of wisdom, or lunacy. I suddenly remembered all those obscure things I needed to Google. Oh and I had Seminary homework to submit before the deadline, which always got put off to the last minute because I really don't care for my classes and there are much more interesting things happening on Facebook and Blogspot.

Being cut off and unplugged was very startling. Waking from my dream only to wander around watching everyone else still sleeping. We plug in and tune out the real world, think about it and watch the Matrix again.

Sitting outside, awake and unplugged was illuminating, especially on such a nice spring day.

I have recently received several emails regarding my tradition, by people in other states and amazingly enough, in other countries. I am both flattered and humbled by these requests for more information and material on little ol' me's beliefs and practices. So it is in this context that I will begin adding more entries here explaining various points of my tradition, and here's the first one.

I've decided to start with the Vigilia because it is the foundation of our theology. The name of our tradition is "Veritas" Wicca, which is Latin for truth. This comes from the motto "Veritas Pro Re Natura" meaning "Truth Through Nature." Our tradition is based on this simple premise.

Many, most religions are built upon a sacred text. Often considered the word of God or at the very least, by proxy. But as Pagans (generally speaking) and as Wiccans, we have no universal sacred text. We have what we call "The Gospel of Nature."

So where followers of a written sacred text "read" mere words with there eyes, we "read" the Gospel of Nature with all of our given senses, making the reading of that text wholly experiential. This is illustrated in the Vigilia...

Look, and you can see her beauty in truth through Nature. Breathe, and you can smell the perfume of the Maiden.
Touch, and you can feel the love of the Mother.
Listen, and you can hear the wisdom or the Crone. Taste, and you can savor the the spirit of the Triple Goddess. Veritas Pro Re Nature!

The senses are used to experience deity, as they manifest through the natural world, and are personified by (in this one) the Triple Goddess. The purpose of reciting the Vigilia is to guide us, to use our senses to "tune in" to deity.

Think of it like a Radio. The Goddess is an FM station transmitting an infinite signal that permeates all of existence, at all times. We are all born with a built in receiver, we're just listening to Top 40 on the other end of the dial.

We recite the Vigilia as an invocation over the Chalice, and another over the Blade, just before the Great Rite or other Divine Unions of which such potent fertility produce infinite potential, for those who know, those who will, those who dare and those who remain humbly silent.

There is a distinction between the Vigilia and a Charge of the Goddess. With a Charge of the Goddess, the intent is to "Draw Down the Moon" into a God-form. Whereas with the Vigilia, the intent is to appeal to the presence of deity.

I confess myself somewhat miffed by the concept of summoning the Lord or the Lady into my body, and I equate that to pouring the whole oceans of the world into a shot glass. Once a keen eyed antagonist noticed that while we conducted an impressive invocation, we had failed to perform the proper "License to Depart," and again I found myself vexed by the idea of giving the infinite power of divine providence "permission to leave." And once more, if we could tune in to GODZ FM and establish a resonance, why would you ever want to turn it off?

I was visited by the spirit of Ostara this morning, as I sat outside I could smell the perfume of the maiden of spring. I could feel the rebirth and resurrection of life all around me in the warmth of the sunlight, I could hear voice in the soft breeze as the birds sang in celebration of her return. And in the mist of her resent turbulence, I stand truely humbled.

For those of you who have begun to realize the infinite power, immeasurable wisdom and ultimate truth which has been eloquently obscured by the Veil of the Goddess, I hope this helps.

Blessed Be.

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Connie said...

I love how you see the world - the physical and spiritual!