Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Its funny how things come together. Its really cool when you see all the separate pieces, recognize them for what they are, see them fit together in your head and end up being right. Its very cool.

Originally I was going to title this post "Magic Things" with an aim of following suit with the last post, Magic Words. But Mothers day, much like my Mother, has had a powerful influence on how things have turned out.

In my last post I mentioned the power of words. This post was mostly going to be about putting those powerful words into things and it still is, but not how you might think.

A few months back I gave a crash course class in spiritual protection for our local Tulare County Paranormal Society, where I volunteer as, yes, you guessed it, a Chaplain. During that class we had a great discussion develop on the subject of Talismans and Amulets when someone asked what the difference was between the two.

My answer was that Talismans were natural objects, such as stones, animal bones or other in my case, Teeth. The particular set of incisors I have worn around my neck for nearly two decades is a powerful form of protective magic, they are the bared teeth of an animal, and the message is quite simple, "Grrrrrrrrr."

Whereas with Amulets, they are specially made for a particular purpose, to contain magic words. I have a very nice silver pendant, the all seeing eye in the pyramid. Some magic words have not only been engraved on the back, but very special words have been placed inside the eye, inside the pyramid, inside the triangle of manifestation. Placed there by a very special person, the Grand Master of the Illuminated Seers of Bavaria. Very Cool.

A few days ago, I read a very cool Blog by Kenaz Filan about the Evil Eye. Which besides being a really cool Blog, reminded me of "The Ojo" or the Mexican Evil Eye. In my wife's culture it is believed that when you see an infant, you must touch it gently, if you don't the Ojo will go after it. So many times my wife has come home from the store where she saw the most beautiful baby while waiting in the check out line, but was unable to touch it because it was either too far away, or the parents were not Mexican or did not appear to be appreciative of the attention she was giving their child.

She finally came home one day saying "there's gatta be a spell or something we can do!" she not only came up with a great spell but a great container. The spell refers to seeing through "Infinite Eyes," and its beautiful. Within our tradition we have technique and technology for spell crafting and casting, we also have a technique for placing those magic words inside special containers, and yes, its pretty cool.

I was raised Pagan. My Mom was and still is an incredibly powerful Witch. She used to program crystals and hide them all around me, one hidden in my car to make me drive better, one under my bed to help me sleep and keep nightmares away. One to make me do my homework, I could really use that one right now.

Moonstone Jewelry is a great online store for high quality magic jewelry, or as in our case, jewelry with the potential for magic. My wife used infinity rings, imbued with a prayerful spell of loving protection for innocent children, she can't touch. Yeah, that too is pretty cool.

I started out Mother's Day, talking to my Mom. And I spent the day appreciating her, and her damn magic rocks. It was then that I had a powerful revelation, I too, was one of her rocks. She spent years putting her magic words into me. She spent years raising me, teaching me, shaping and molding and after years of investment, she had to let go and standby and just see what happened, hoping her magic words were strong, that they were powerful, that they were... enough.

They were strong, they were powerful, they were enough. I had an amazing childhood because my Mother used magic and powerful words to create not only the world she wanted to live in, but the world she wanted me to be raised in, and what an amazing world it was.

I Think about the magic words I have used to create the world I live in, and the world I've created for my children to be raised in. I watch my wife, as she crafts her magic words and places them inside our children and I know from experience that they will be strong, they will be powerful and they will be enough.

And that too is very cool.

Thank you Lord and Lady, for the Mother that raised me so well, and for the Mother that's raising mine so well.

Blessed Be.

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