Monday, May 31, 2010

The Keys to Success

One of the most profound things I realized in my Boundaries and Ethics class was that we seem to acknowledge Amissio, Loss so much more than Aquisitio, Gain. For example, consider how much time, energy and effort we invest in funeral and memorial rites to acknowledge a death and how little seem to go into a birth. Following suit, we also seem to lament failure so much more than celebrate success.

But if you take a look at anyone who has succeeded, you will see that their road to success is riddled with the potholes and flat tires of their failures. But they did not stop or turn back, they pushed forward with tenacious fortitude. Despite the numerous obstacles placed in front of them, by their adversaries, by their friends and perhaps most of all, by themselves.

Like many initiatory orders, our tradition also has its own Guardian of the Threshold. The Guardian of our Threshold is personified by the Cerberus, and each of its three heads represents a particular aspect of the initiates tribulation. And those three aspects are a direct product of the initiate himself, ergo, the path which leads into our Zotheca is amply guarded by all those who desire admittance. The only thing stopping them, is them.

The key to success, is Virtuous Labor. No one will let you in the back door. No one will do the work for you. Success is not an entitled allotment, but a bountiful harvest of the fruits of our virtuous labors and tenacious fortitude. You must do the work yourself, you must do the work ON yourself.

This past Friday I tasted the sweetness of a small piece of that fruit. I have been a volunteer Wiccan chaplain for several state facilities, for several years now. Friday I was given my own key to one of them. A small but powerful token for this initiate.

Thank you Lord and Lady for teaching me one of the keys to success, is trust.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. However it leaves a reader such as myself asking two questions. First, were you actually invested with a key or were you alluding to some form of trust, which was invested or conferred. And the second, is in reference to your use of the term "initiatory order" as I was not aware that wicca was or has any established initiatory orders. Your profile clearly indicates your membership as a Freemason yet it seems to lack any mention of the Golden Dawn, Ordo Templi Orientis or similar traditional schools. Although you seem to have had many associates who are. Is it your intention to make such a comparison or were you not aware of the depth and weight of such terminology? If so such lofty assertions will no doubt leave those well versed in esoterics questioning your training and qualifications. I sincerely hope you don't find my inquiries challenging or offensive but as I said your post is quite inducive to such questions.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Dear Anonymous, thanks for your questions.

#1. Yes I was actually given an actual bright shiny new key which fits the lock to the chapel, sacristy, bathrooms, broom closets and other relatively low risk security areas.

Which if you were as well versed in the religious bias, discrimination and correctional politics as you are in esoterics I'm sure you would see the value in both a real key as much as in the trust it represents.

#2. Yes I am a Mason, in fact, I am an extensively trained and exceedingly accomplished one.

These similar traditional mystery schools all have their roots in Masonry and are products of Masons. Yet you seem to imply that Masonry is not enough.

If your a member of one on these schools or orders, and yet not a Mason, then you have no comprehension of the "depth and weight" you are lacking.

Therefor, you are not qualified to judge me or my qualifications.

Just because I don't mention the Golden Down or OTO, doesn't mean I have no knowledge of them.

Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge. Many times the proper application is silence.

I am not offended by your questions, I welcome them.

What I would normally find offensive, is your condescending implication that Wicca is something less than the others you've mentioned, and your even more condescending assumption that our *initiatory order* lacks any "depth and weight" without actually knowing anything about it what so ever.

However, you have chosen to remain "Anonymous" while you take your passive aggressive cheap shot, which is a clear indication your insecurities.

So I'm not taking you too seriously. No offense.