Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Key to Success

I've spent a lot of time up late working on projects, and sometimes just watching television. The other night flipping through the channels I came across one of those self help gurus who really got my attention with just a few key words.

He told a story about coming home late at night, walking into his dark living room. He dropped his keys looking for the light switch, but found that when he did his power was out.

He decided to take a drive, perhaps to get something to eat in hopes that the power would be on by the time he returned. So he started searching in the dark for his keys, after a short unsuccessful search he saw through the window that the street light outside was on so he walked out there, under the street light and began looking for his keys, there in the light. A friendly passerby saw him looking through the weeds for his keys and began to help him look.

After a long unsuccessful search, the good Samaritan ask him where he thinks he lost them. He replied, "oh in my living room, but my power is is out and I can't see there so I am looking out here where there is more light..."

He went on to explain that the lesson here is that we look outside of ourselves, unsuccessfully, for the keys to our life. Instead of looking inside, in the dark, which is the only place we can possibly find them, but that last place so many people look, if ever. I was immediately reminded of our first degree:

"The Candle is a ritual tools used by traditional Witches to cast illumination throughout their craftwork, but we as Veritas Wiccans are also taught to use it in a more spiritual manner by casting the light of truth throughout the craftwork of our lives."

The initiate is given a taper which is carried throughout the ritual drama of initiation, "in search of the light of truth, in hope that they may light a taper from it, to better find their own way." Our craft incorporates the use of magic, for the purposes of self improvement. For those who have the courage to shine a light on their inner darkness and look for the keys to success in the only place they can be found, inside.

May the Lord and Lady bless you with such courage.

Blessed Be.

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Stella Seaspirit said...

Thanks WitchDoctor Joe, what an excellent allegory! I’m always saying that witchcraft is a state of mind and a philosophy that comes from being in tune with the energies within and around oneself and you’re only able to tap into true magick once you acknowledge the deep magick within.
Bright Blessings*