Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shining a Little Light on Me

Pagan Prison Chaplaincy, (for the most part) is a humble path. There is no fame or glory to be had, there is no lime light on prison yard. But every once in a while someone notices.

Last October I wrote about saying cheese, where I was on the front page of a local newspaper insert. Which was an accident, the article wasn't about me but a group I had joined only a few days earlier.

A few months later I was in the same circular, but this time I was interviewed by reporters about the Kaweah River Drum Circle, which I had been a member of for only a few of its eighteen years. But the reporter was referred to me, as spokesmen for the group.

But today I appeared on the front page of our local paper The Visalia Times Delta (small picture) and the front page of the living section (huge picture). I must say I had my concerns about the manner in which I was going to be portrayed. But after a nice phone conversation with the reporter, I was more confidant that their interest in my story was genuine.

We had all but forgotten about it until my grandmother called first thing this morning, yelling about how surprised she was to open the morning paper and see me, again.

As I said, this is a very humble path. There is not much ego gratification to be gleaned from what I do. The knowledge that I am helping people who have a sincere desire to rehabilitate through spiritual growth has been the Mana that has sustained me for these past three years. Other than this Blog I don't engage in any sort of self promotion, but I must admit that it is nice to be recognized for my work. And I hope that it serves the greater purpose of shining a bit of light on the incredible need for religious pluralism in our society.

Thank you Lord and Lady for using me to show others that it can be done. Blessed Be.


Connie said...

Positive feedback is good. You may not need it to function, but it's like smiles from a total stranger... not needed, I have family to love me, but it sure does make my day. I'm glad you've been gifted some of that goodness!

Witch Mom said...

Everyone needs to be clebrated now and again for their Work. Congrats to you!

Lily, aka Witch Mom