Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playing With Dolls

"If you build it, they will come..." like the Wiccan version of that Kevin Costner movie about the baseball field for ghosts, I was told if I cast it they will come. And they did.

Nearly a year ago I founded Mill Creek Church, and several times a month we rent a large room at the local metaphysics shop. It's started out slow, just a handful of friends in town. Then a steady ebb and flow of first and old timers would come and go.

But lately there has been a surge of activity in the Pagan community in general. I've gotten more calls in the last three weeks than in the last three years. Handfastings, Blessings and personal spiritual counseling have kept me much busier than normal.

I have always been extremely fulfilled by my personal spiritual path and practices, the only thing it has ever lacked was fellowship. Our last meeting stands out as quite possibly the best ritual we've ever had there, because of the degree of fellowship. I am surrounded by people who take their path seriously and invest in themselves and their practice. A friend called in advance to make arrangements to provide the "cakes and ale" for our communion, she brewed her own rose water and baked some wicked cookies. This sort of contribution and sincere investment on our ritual is a blessing.

Another blessing is diversity. Our membership is an all star cast of various traditions of Witchcraft, and every meet someone shares something they do. Another friend is a very serious Hoodoo practitioner, who really knows her stuff. She gave us a crash course in Hoodoo and her practices, complete with a very brave show and tell of some of her tools of the trade, like Voodoo dolls.

Now I may be a fluffy bunny Wiccan, but I'm all about the Craftwork or the Craft at work, and much of what I do comes from my training and experience in not so warm and fuzzy Witchcraft. We use dolls too, but we call them Poppets and other than the name, everything else is the same. But my friend talked a lot about making a doll in your own image to cast magic on yourself. As I Veritas Wiccan I love that because the main purpose of our tradition is the Craftwork of self improvement. Most people use systems focused on command control and manipulation of the outside world. But pound per pound, your going to get better bang for your buck working on yourself. You just have to have the courage to work on your issues. It is surprising how many people don't.

My wife made her doll from scratch and it came out so good, she placed certain items in certain areas of the doll to address certain issues, she had a lot of fun doing it and gave me a lot of ideas. So this weekend I will start working on mine.

Almost 40 and I'm still playing with dolls. Thank you Lord and Lady for my friends and their toys. Blessed Be!


Gordon said...

Joe, I've said it before... But I really like this blog.

Nice one.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Thanks Gordon, I am a fan of your Blog too. I loved your post on story casting magic, mostly because I do that a lot too. Look for a related post from me soon.

Connie said...

I wish I lived near enough to join your meetings. I know it is hard enough for transient expats like me to find comfortable places to worship and learn, even in mainstream spiritual paths. I don't mind being a lover pagan, and I have a lot of long distance peers, but sometimes I long for a community in real life. You are blessed! One day :)