Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fiat Fortuna

I'm a big fan of Gus diZerega's A Pagans Blog, and his last post on preparing for Yule inspired this post.

One of the things I've noticed in the Pagan & Magic community is that many of the celebrated personalities both historical and contemporary, have tried to define Magic(K).

While I have my own ideas, I have only gone so far as my signature tag line: Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge, and Magic is the result.

Other than that I liken it to the pornography quote: "I can't define it, but I know it when I see it."

Our Coven hosts monthly open community circles and has for over a year now, and the circle has slowly grown into a community. Last month members proposed we actually did some magic, and cast a spell together.

I have had these ideas and interests myself, but was concerned with the subjective nature of the topic and the potential for conflict when it comes to the ethics of spell craft.

But thankfully we managed to address the concerns without conflict and decided to focus on prosperity, which is a topic everyone could get behind. Our ritual space comes complete with an old fashion chalk board which we used to facilitate our Spell Craft. We used my patented sure fire spell craft technique (found in my book) and everyone contributed to each phase of the process.

It was so awesome to see people taking an active role, and I could see the spell taking shape. Starting with one person rolling a small pebble down a snow bank, slow at first but quickly gaining mass, momentum, energy. I had every confidence that we would achieve our goal in the limited time allotted, but was still impressed with how quickly and efficiently we all worked together.

We circled up and prepared to cast, one by one each person declared their love and trust before joining hands. The circle complete, everyone began chanting the title of this post, while I stood in the center reciting the spell over and over. Each time I did the chanting got louder, and the energy got higher. I could feel it hitting me in wave after wave, first I got what my friend calls the "chicken skin," but then broke into a sweat and felt something more. When it was time to call the declaration statement, I was shouting near full blast, and with a single toll of the bell the energy was released. The voided space filled with a pleasant silence.

One of the neat aspects of our tradition is interfaith. While we have initiations, degrees and priesthood for those drawn to it as a primary path, our tradition is for most, a secondary. The idea is that eclectic solitaries each have their own ways, but all use a secondary tradition in order to function as a group. And it works.

In an hour and a half, eleven eclectic Witches joined in ritual, celebration and fellowship, collaborated on a spell topic, contributed to the spell craft and successfully cast a spell of prosperous blessings.

That's Magic.

It may seem odd how Gus's post about Solstice cards and preparing for Yule prompted this post, but I'm getting to that part, we'll come full circle, I promise.

As is just so happens, a few weeks ago I stumbled into a website called ZAZZLE.COM. I love personal designs, we have our own custom jewelry, degree rings and pendants. So when I found the site I had to try it out and test the product quality.

It only took me six minutes to upload our emblem, design a post card, and order a poof set. The cards came in a surprisingly timely manner and the post cards are awesome! Its a good quality of the card stock, the the images came out great and with a nice glossy finish. If I was to put them on the rack with other cards, your wouldn't be able to tell the difference. So I'm giving them five stars, one for *Accessibility (easy to use) and another for *Versatility, I have complete control over the design aspects. One for *Quality, one for *Time (speedy delivery) and the fifth one is for *Price.

So in preparation for Yule and the rest of the Wheel, we will be designing our own cards.

(front cover)

Yule Tide Blessings from The Witches of Mill Creek

(inside cover)

With Love and Peace and Bounty Known
With Friends and Family our Fellowship sown

From your Hearth and from your Home

May these Blessings never roam

Thank you Lord and Lady for such a Magical life, blessed be.


Pallas Renatus said...

If by "our emblem" you mean the image that graces the cover of your books, then I have to say, those sound like some pretty awesome Yule cards =)

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Oh yeah, I know right! I was thinking that myself. That book cover image is a product of the Lulu publisher I use and should make an nice card.

But by emblem I mean the Almandola: which is a Vesica Pisces containing an Athame and a Chalice, depicting the divine union.

If you send me your adress I'll send you a card!