Monday, February 21, 2011

Hymns to Helios & The Benefits of Prostate Message

Nothing gets someones attention like a snappy title. I figured I'd need one as it's been so long since I have posted anything. This is due to my extraordinarily exciting awesome life.

For almost two years now our Coven has been hosting open community rituals here in Visalia, Ca. It started out once a month but soon became a bi-monthly event due to popularity. But for most of us regulars even that's not been enough, but instead of doing weekly rituals we opted for alternative activities.

So the weekends that we're not meeting for rituals, we do field trips. Our first one was to visit our friends in Bakersfield, who do the same thing there in their community that we do here in ours. We loaded up the Mill Creek Van and joined in their Sunday meeting. We just had a blast, it was really cool to visit old friends and make new ones.

We plan to take trips to other Pagan community group meetings, the national forest for campfire and conversation, and Stone City Pagan Sanctuary.

But this past weekend was especially cool, I got to see four of my friends lose their virginity. We all loaded up the van and went to Pantheacon. For those who haven't yet been, it's a lot like your first time at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I didn't get to go last year and still regret it, and was only able to go for a single Saturday this time, but I got my fix. Walking in the entrance, the first thing I saw was a large man in a baby blue kilt with rubber duckies on it. I was finally home.

Our group quickly split up to complete our separate missions, for the girls it was the vendor booths, but for me and my pal it was the classes. First on the list was a "ritual," was that's what the listing called it. For many people like my buddy, our rituals are the only rituals he has experienced, and I am a ritual junky so I thought it would be good to expand his horizons and get a fix, two birds, one stone.

All I will say is that we both wanted to leave quite early. After discreetly excusing ourselves, made our way silently to the restaurant, neither of us quite sure what to say about it, except that by comparison, we were the shit! In the short time we sat there I saw a lot of big name Pagans and old friends, and some were both. Its always flattering when a "Pagan Celebrity" recognizes you and takes a moment for quick catch up.

I ran into my buddy The Druid of Fisher Street, while chatting with another popular druid. After finishing lunch we sat in on Pagan Humor 3: The Search for Spock, which was the third installment of Pantheacon Pagan Humor by Angus, who is in fact the funniest Pagan I've ever heard. "The Benefits of Prostate Message" is a quote taken from his account of the Las Vegas triathlon. Please read his blog!

So after that was my single goal for the day, which was to attend the"Hymns to Helios" ritual hosted by the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn. While waiting for the doors to open I ran into another friend and fellow blogger PhoenixAngel. The Hymns to Helios was a simply amazing ritual, which really sets the bar for both ritual content and conduct. As far as I'm concerned they set the standard, and I hope our group can meet it someday.

After that it was finally time to hit the vendors, and I totally scored! I got a nice altar pentacle, some new tippers and a Cernunnos T-shirt. While shopping I got a copy of Lon Milo Duquettes book "Low Magic," but the cool part was that he was sitting right there to sign it and doodle a self portrait too. And last but not least I bumped into The Good Frater on my way out. All and all it was an amazing day, and that was just one.

Thank you Lord and Lady for rubber ducky kilts, blogger buddies, hymns and prostate message! Blessed Be.


PhoenixAngel said...

It was great to see you and your beloved too!!! I loved the OSOGD's Hymn to Helios. I am totally gonna adapt a part of their ritual for one of our Bakersfield group's upcoming rituals

Angus McMahan said...

Thanks for the props, Joe! It's also nice to get a little ego massage too. :-)