Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Brutal Truth

Wow, I can hardly believe its almost Beltane. Even more, I can't believe I haven't posted since Ostara. But life is what passes you by when your too busy blogging, and I'm not going to miss anything.

I keep a sticky note on my desk that's says "When is the last time you put down your magic and played with your children?"

A while back I found it, and didn't know.

That's not going to happen again, and it hasn't happened since. I've been pretty busy since then, but a good busy. I been investing time in my son's boy scout activities and enjoy spending the time with him. I hope he keeps it up, but I don't think he will. But I don't need the scouts to spend time with my boys.

People often ask me what it was like growing up Pagan and a have a few good stories. But lately I wonder what my kids will say when they get older. I had one of those moment today when I see the difference in mentality between my family and others.

Our tradition is the called Veritas Wicca. Veritas being Latin for truth, many assume we mean to say we are the true Wicca, but they would assume incorrectly. It comes from the motto "Veritas Pro Re Natura" or Truth Through Nature.

I have long made the assertion that gender is the natural polarity of things; male and female, not good and evil. That there is no all good god and all evil devil. As a Pagan we don't have a written sacred text like the bible or Koran, we have the unwritten Gospel of Nature. And in that gospel, there is no devil. There is no Good or Evil, there is Male and Female.

When a shark comes up from the deep to eat a baby seal, it's not evil, it's hungry. It takes no perverse sadistic pleasure in the death of the seal, save perhaps for the taste. But when that great white come up from the deep after you, it was SATAN HIMSELF come to claim your soul!!!

It is our perception, that makes things good or evil. What we like is good, what we dislike is baaaaaad. That's "morality, " and nature doesn't do that, we do.

Today a lady was over doing my absolutely gorgeous wife's hair, they were in the kitchen near the sliding class door. Our cat Mojo caught his first bird. It was a unable to fly away but otherwise unharmed. Passing through my wife remarked about the successful hunt, and we watched for a moment as Mojo caught, released and re-caught the bird several times.

We were so proud of Mojo.

But the hairdresser thought that I should go and save the bird. So did the visiting friends of my children. But I never got a chance to say a word. It was my wife who explained to the hairdresser and my daughter who explained to her friends that we don't do that. What the cat did was natural, like the shark. They explained that the catch and release was not a cruel game of torture, but how animals of prey like our saber tooth kitty practice and develop their survival skills.

We do feel bad for the bird, we're humans, we do that. But nature doesn't work that way, and neither do cats. You can take the cat out of the hunt, but you can't take the hunt out of the cat and it would be wrong to try. We acknowledge that a little bird gave his life in service to the Gospel of Nature today, but that wasn't a bad thing unless you're the bird. Or was it?

Either way I am proud of my kids, they have shown me today that they understand and accept the brutal truth. Thank you Lord and Lady for blessing me with children who can teach me about life. Blessed Be.