Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Release the Bunnies!

So I haven't been very active on this blog in a very long time, a while back I started taking my own advise and started unplugging the the matrix more and more.

The secret has been turning my laptop off and leaving it off.

So with the exception of checking Facebook and reading The Wild Hunt on my iPhone, I'm unplugged. While I openly I admit I'm fairly addicted to Facebook, I can justify my addiction the the Wild Hunt as staying in touch with current newsworthy events.

One of my regular Hunt favorites is the "Release the Hounds" articles. This is my fluffy bunny version.

  • I've been living in the real world and thoroughly enjoying myself. Life has been more than great and busy in the best ways. The Foedus Veritas Covenant is in high gear, we meet and work on a weekly basis. Our community rituals are growing in size, participation and activities.
  • While I've spoken publicly for years at different events and venues like Fresno State, the Department of Corrections and the Pagan Conference, this past weekend I presented at my first Paid speaking engagement at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Visalia.
  • The Central Valley Pagan Pride community has been working hard to perpetuate the momentum of a successful PPD event earlier this year. Leaders of Fresno, Visalia and Bakersfield has begun hosting Central Valley Sabbat gatherings to celebrate the wheel of the year together. CVPP event organizer Audra hosted this seasons gathering Saturday here in Visalia, we had a good turn out and great time.
  • My favorite HooDoo chick in the whole world just started her own blog titled California Conjure, and I invite you to check it out, I'm looking forward to future posts. We had a great conversation at the community ritual where she shared about her experiences on the coast, where she was chastised for using the term "fluffy bunny." (hence the title) The chastiser said that calling someone in the Pagan community a fluffy bunny equates to calling an African American "the N word"................. ummm no.
  • After taking the summer off to play with my kids, I have resumed my prison visits, but now I've got help! A very good friend has joined my prison program, I am happy for the help and the company. This last Friday after our services the Community Resource Manger took us out to lunch to show his appreciation for the assistance we provide. It is nice to be appreciated.
  • And a friend on the inside passed my card to staff at another local prison looking start a Pagan religious program. She sent me an email heads up and I received a call less than an hour later, and they seem very serious. I'm looking forward to visiting my first supermax and I'll post here as it unfolds.
Happy Holidays and Bright Yule Blessings everyone!

Thank you Lord and Lady for all the Fuzzy Fluffy Bunnies, Blessed Be!