Friday, January 6, 2012

A is for Auspice

I first started blogging in 2008, it was what I considered a pretty radical advance in a personal spiritual project I was working on. I started out as a fairly faithful blogger, posting nearly every day. But after a few years I slowed down considerably, and now post on a remote and random basis.

I remember reading about the Pagan Blog Project a few weeks ago and thought I'd really like to do that. I am true to the classic Aquarius persona, I Like things neat and tidy, and I love a good system. So the schedule of the project and the alphabetical theme were very appealing.

But, being the busy guy that I am with all the projects I have on all the back burners I have, and considering I can easily be distracted by a piece of string or anything shiny, I forgot.

But, I saw the first "A" post on Doing Magic by old friend, Holy Idiot and Grand Blogger Robert of the Blue Hand. And Have just jumped on the bandwagon just as it started rolling away.

My first "A" post is for Auspices.

I am a Veritas Wiccan. Veritas is Latin for Truth, not to imply that we're the "true" Wicca, but from our motto, "Veritas Pro Re Natura." Truth through (or according to) Nature. One of the Axioms of Pagandom is that we share no universally accepted sacred text, not in the context of a Bible, Torah or Koran. But we do share what we call the "Gospel of Nature," nature itself being our sacred text.

Just like the ancient fraternity of Freemasonry operates under the speculative theme of the older operative stone masons, our tradition operates under the theme of the ancient Augurs of Rome and Greece. The Augur was a public official who would perform acts of divination based on the appearance, activities and behaviors or birds, animals and even the clouds. These acts of divination were called Auspices. Although our scope may be a bit broader, our contemporary practice and application is not too much different.

For years now I have been going to the same special spot near the river to take auspices. Sometimes I receive valuable insight or come to some incredible revelation. But not always, many times I have gone and spent hours opening all my senses to interpret the Gospel of Nature and got nothing. It's a crap shoot.

But one of the coolest auspices I ever realized only happened because of the years of visitation to the same spot. As I've gone several times a month, every month, for many years, I've experienced all the seasons there. I see the river full and flowing through the summer, I see the river slowly wane to a tickle through the winter months, and I see the river overflow in the spring.

One day a hiker stopped to speak with me and made quick conversation about the low water level. I remarked about how quickly it will change, soon flooding the parking lot and even cover the gate with over 50 feet of ice cold freshly melted snow.

As I began to explain the rhythm of the river, I realized that if you sped up time or watched a few years of time lapsed photography you would see the river pulse to the rhythm of a heart beat, like an artery or vein.

It was there that I really understood that the earth is alive, that the Great Mother is a living breathing thing, with a breath, a heartbeat and blood running through its veins. Most of us are just too chronologically impaired to see it.

Thank you Lord and Lady for the random conversations with strangers about the weather.


April G. said...

What a cool concept...enjoyed this!

Tanja (Starfire) said...

I loved your description of the river's heartbeat, Joe!

Reading your post was also a welcome reminder of all the times I've ended up experiencing epiphanies from the most unlikely places: the tides, the wind, or sometimes a moment of understanding as I'm reading a story.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Blessings - Tanja (Starfire)

Cena Bussey said...

This reminds me alot of some of my own practice, though in a different spiritual outlook. I find that close examination and meditation in nature is such a wonderful tool at developing personal intuition and vision.

Look forward to more posts!

In Frith

Craft Goddess PJ said...

I enjoyed reading your post, Joe and look forward to reading more.

Jeaux Raynebeaux said...

I truly enjoyed reading this, Joe. I hope you keep up with the project as I look forward to reading more from you.

Blessings abound!

Maggie said...

This is a lovely, profound awareness, and I thank you for it. It opens a wonderful new insight to something I learned before.

A few years ago I spent a season visiting caves -- not spelunking, but just visiting various caverns that are open to the public. I began to notice a mild breeze below ground and a definite draft at the entrance. Then a guide explained that the caves breathe; sometimes the draft is coming out, in your face as you enter, and at other times the draft is coming in, in your face as you emerge.

She breathes, She pulses in her watercourses, She is alive. How amazing to be able to know that.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Thank you all for your kind words, it's always nice to hear my posts are being read and enjoyed.

I really love this project, I fully intend to see it through to the end and hope you enjoy my posts as much as I have enjoyed yours.


AstraeaSapphire said...

What a beautiful observation!