Friday, March 9, 2012

E is for Ex Diris

In recent postings I have begun sharing bits and pieces from my tradition as they have been applicable to the topic, or have been the topic and I have received messages of both approval and interest in those bits and pieces. So I find myself encouraged to share more.

Quite often I am questioned online and in person regarding the "source" of our system. In my last post I mentioned that some of that information was the product of an Eluvies, and some of it was obtained the hard way, by doing the work.

Someone once told me that working with the source of the Eluvies, also very much counts as work on my part. I like that.

The divination system I have been working on is based on the ancient Roman Auspices. When one takes into consideration that our "Veritas Wicca" comes from Veritas Pro Re Natura or truth through nature and that this motto alludes to our concept of the "Gospel of Nature," then one finds Auspicia quite appropriate.

But we're not really appropriating much of the past, we are utilizing the theme of the old Roman ways of which I personally am a big fan. But everything we've done, everything we do and even how we do it is EX DIRIS.

Within the original system of auspices there are five main categories:

  • Ex Caelo: involved thunder, lighting, storms or "stuff in the sky."
  • Ex Avibus: this is "bird stuff."
  • Ex Tripadiis: this is about "chickens eating stuff."
  • Ex Quadrupedus: this is "four legged animal stuff."
  • Ex Diris: the is "all other stuff."

Ex Diris is everything that doesn't fall into any other category. Granted there's not much written about these first four, but even less can be found in reference to the last. So there's plenty of room for growth and development, and we've put significant work into this area.

While everything in the existing system can be placed into these two categories:

  • Oblative: stuff that was requested or sought out.
  • Impetrative: stuff that was offered without request or not sought out.

We have also developed two additional categories:

  • Conspexi: those that are experienced through five physical senses.
  • Perspexi: those that are experienced through five metaphysical senses.

Following this train of thought, our entire Tradition of Witchcraft is Ex Diris. We have taken something old and we are expanding the open areas, building new schools of thought with the old tools of the trade. This are exciting times. How auspicious.

Thank you Lord and Lady, for all the signs.

Blessed Be.


Maggie Beaumont said...

I'm enjoying this series about the bits and pieces of Veritas Wicca, and appreciate the learning I'm receiving.

Would you say more, specifically, about the five metaphysical senses you identify?

While several of us have long taught that there are more senses than five, I wonder if we're identifying the same ones as the additionals.

Lately I'm working with additional senses, some physical and some otherwise, as:

Proprioception (where are my body and its parts located in space)

Kinesthetic (how are my body and its parts moving)


Clairsentience (distance awareness) of several kinds:


What else have you folks identified? or do you have different names for these?

Keltikmystique said...

I love learning something new, and enjoy your blog. I've nominated you for an award; come by and grab it for your page if you'd like:)

WitchDoctorJoe said...

@ Maggie, we aren't labeling or defined the metaphysical senses as you have exampled here (Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairolfactory) we are labeling and developing the "experiences" such as the Susurri, Eluvies, etc. More to come on that.

@ Kelti, thank you so much, I am honored to be on your list. Blessings.