Saturday, March 17, 2012

F is for the First Labor

The title of my second book is The Five Labors of Witchcraft, and is thus explained as a "system of Witchcraft." The Augurium ritual is the center piece of our tradition in which 13 acts of magic are performed. Each act is composed of an operative (physical) action, a speculative (verbal) declaration, and is symbolized by a ritual tool. These thirteen acts are divided into five categories, or Labors.


The Bell, Candle, Besom, Censer, Aspergillum, and Athame are used in the first labor; and although we consider all five labors to be equally significant in their own way, we emphasize the first labor of purification to be a fundamental practice, with many levels. There are the simple practices like the Lustavi which I consider daily spiritual hygiene and maintenance, I usually equate it to brushing my teeth because I do it when I get up in the morning and just before bed at night.

Then there is what I consider a more "deep cleaning;" this is where we work on clearing emotional baggage. I one saw one of those picture/signs on face book which said that the next time you clean up your space, start with the things that are useless like regrets, shame and anger. I love that mentality, and I focus the majority of my personal Craftwork on my own personal issues. I work on clearing out the older stuff first, and then focus on keeping new things from forming. The last few years have been dedicated to working through combat related PTSD, in fact that's kinda how this blog got started in the first place.

The third level is Vacare Deo, which is what I consider a most extreme form of purification, as the purpose is to be "empty or available for god." I equate this with assumption, Drawing Down or other form of divine embodiment and categorize this it as third degree work, which is best attempted after having spent a very long time working through the first two levels.

My Mom got me this Besom when her and my sister went to Salem, I have a collection of besoms but this one is by far my favorite. It hangs on the wall next to my bed, it's a talisman for protection and serves as a reminder to sweep away the negative debris of life on a regular basis, to keep my temple clean , and to fly high, have fun and enjoy life for what it is.

Thank you Lord and Lady for all the cleaning supplies. Blessed Be.

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