Friday, March 23, 2012

F is for the First Song...

F is for the first song [I learned to play on the accordion.] One of the few complains I have about the current state of Paganism is the lack of music. In many other indigenous traditions music plays an essential role in the religious and ritual practices, and our Pagan ancestors (indigenous Europeans) passed down a very merry musical heritage that has been neglected.

Most Pagans dive head first into drum circles, which are amazing experiences, which require very little investment. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm a veteran drum circle groupie, from Powwows, Sweat lodges and Sundances to Kaweah River Drum Circle.

I read an article last week about Ten Things to do to Get Ready to Join a Coven, (which is really worth a read by the way); and number three mentioned learning to play an instrument and I really liked that because I had already started!

One of the many back burner projects I've had on simmer for a long time is Morris Dancing; I was very inspired by this article about the Pagan Newcomers and became very intent on starting a Border Morris Side. Although there are quite a lot of Morris Dance groups in California, there aren't any here in the Central Valley. So I've been researching, studying and trying to get one going. The main problem is finding people who actually play traditional musical instruments. So I decided I would learn to play one myself, the Concertina.

So before I rushed out and spend at least $200 on one, I thought I'd test the waters a bit. So I bid on this little accordion on Ebay, and scored it for $12. Then worked a little Googlemaster magic and found a 40 page instruction manual for it.

So far I've learned Row, Row Row Your Boat, London Bridge, and Twinkle Twinkle Little star, but Mary Had a Little Lamb was the first song I learned to play on the accordion. By Beltane next year I aim to play Highland Mary while the Mill Creek Morris Dancers promenade.

Thank you Lord & Lady for all the sheet music, Blessed Be.


Vysyn said...

I am very interested in music, any type really, used for magickal purposes and things. I find people often overlook the fact that you can use regular music in circles to raise energy. I relate different types of music to elements. I focus a lot of techno and trance music because the beats are easy to go into trance with.
I would very much enjoy hearing a bit of Highland Mary when you are able. (I am a musical connoisseur, after all.)

Ila East said...

I've always wanted to play the piano. I had a cord organ as a teenager and learned to play the right hand, never learned to play the left though. And, I just don't have a sense of rhythm either. All songs sound like I am playing them properly to me, but not to other people. ;)