Friday, April 6, 2012

G is for God Map, Part Two

So as promised I'm back to extrapolate on the God Map and our own traditions Z axis. But I'd like to start with a caveat of disclaimer: First, I rarely speak in absolutes, so take everything I say with a big dose of salt. Second: In part One, Anonymous commented on my placement of Christianity on the map, beginning with: "many of us Christians..."

That's great, then obviously you don't go there although you're Christian. Noted. But for the purposes of my post I will continue to make some generalized assertions that you may or may not feel subject too. Not only that, but I will appropriate old words from a dead language and assign new meanings to them. I know, I know, blasphemy you say. Well that's not all, I've also created a whole new set of glyphs for each location on the Z axis! But I'm saving that for another book, so I substituted them for cute little color coded chakra spheres, which by no coincidence align nicely with their location. I invite you to go back to the color thing later.

But for now, lets start at the bottom, which is closest to home (pun intended). In case you didn't get the joke Di Panates is traditionally known to the Romans as the guardian spirits of the cupboards, but we also use the term here in our system to acknowledge the most immediate and manifested aspect of spirit to us personally. Second are Lares Domestici, these are still immediate and imminent manifestations, but are shared with family, friends, a home or a particular place or group. Egregores would be acknowledged here.

Genius Loci is the spirit of the land, or a certain geographical area. We do not quantify these areas by any standards of measurement, as to say they are only so large or small. In my experience it seems to vary greatly from place to place, or spirit to spirit. I am in the process of mapping out the G. Loci in my area as I understand them, and am assigning them their own glyphs for future use.

Amina Mundi is the whole earth itself, sort of a spiritual "inter-connected-network," like the internet but there's no paid service plan and you don't need a computer. There is WiFi (ambient) and land line (telluric current), that was another pun by the way. Next is Natura Minor, there's no link because I made this one myself and haven't Wiki-ed it yet.

N. Minor acknowledges spirit at a solar system level, for example planetary aspects, attributes, influences and pantheons (Jupiter = Zeus). Natura Major (also mine) would be the next obvious step up or out, and represents our galaxy. I like the way that things become more transcended and abstract on the map as we twist the zoom knob on the telescope.

The last one is Natura Naturata, which essentially is everything known and unknown. John Micheal Greer wrote something to the effect of N. Naturata is the "Book of Nature" which we lovely call the Gospel of Nature. But Natura Naturans (not on map) is the "Author" of that book or Gospel of Nature. Something we Masons call the The Great Architect of the Universe. There is more, I'm working on a three dimensional image of all this that strangely enough looks like a Cone of Power..... gasp.

Insert conspiracy theory here while I laugh ominous and maniacally in the background...

I'm currently reading (re-reading) Casting Sacred Spaces by Ivo Dominguez Jr. for a book review, for a magazine. For starters, I really like this book, but I love what he had to say on the subject of Immanence & Transcendence, which I will not tell you, go buy the book! But I will say that I love his approach to the topic, he does not view them as conflicting, or regard them as dichotomy, but instead as polarity. And "Well-utilized, polarity is a powerful source of energy."

Thank you Lord, Lady and Ivo Dominguez Jr. for giving me so much cool stuff to think about.

Blessed Be.


Rufus Opus said...

Speaking as a christian, that's awesome. :D

I really like how you've laid out the spirits on the grid, it fits perfectly in how I lay them out as well.

Where do the elemental spirits fall? Like the gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, et undines? Di Panates?

WitchDoctorJoe said...

You know what Dude, I donno, I don't work with elemental spirits in that context so I never tried to map them, and would need to work with them before I tried to place them. BUT off the cuff I would would say yes, DP, or anywhere between DP and GL, depending on the contex, but not above Am.

Audra Taylor said...

Joe, I was thinking Genius Loci. I consider some elemental spirits to be more earth based (Corporal). Wouldn't it be Di Panates if you identify with that element personally? I maybe interpreting this wrong, but if someone id's themselves are a water person, and they called on a water sprite, wouldn't that then be the manifestation of a spirit who has close an aspect to them personally?.I maybe way off. I don't want to confuse anyone.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

That's a good point and I agree, as I said, I wound place them according to context. If I work with an elemental spirit, on perpose and with intent, it would be DP. But if I was visiting a rivier in Oregon and experienced an elemental, I would say GL.