Thursday, May 17, 2012

H is for Herbalism

A while back I read an article online about Ten Things To Do to Get Ready to Join a Coven. Along those lines there are lots of subjects one could (should) study in order to improve the quality of their Craftwork. Subjects that don't actually have anything to do with Witchcraft.

Herbalism is one the the top five on my list. We all have or have read books on Witchcraft that tell you to use Lavender for love or Ginger for money, but what works for common acne? (witch-hazel) I first mentioned medical herbal Craftwork in this post back in 2008, and again in Carcer Via where I share the Magical and Medicinal relationship of Bitter Dock and Stinging Nettle.

I learned that lesson while living in Portland, OR. and serving in Americorps, which is a domestic peace corps. Our particular division was EnviroCorps, and we focused in wetlands conservation and restoration. It was some of the hardest physical labor I've ever done, and I was in the Army almost ten years. But it was some of the most rewarding. I produced a planting plan, implementation plan, and management plan for the Blue Lake wetland which is still there today. That's Magic.

But learned the local plants. I learned them by Genus and Species, as well as their legend and Lore. I learned how the local indigenous used them. For example,  I learned how to make cordage out of nettle that has a tensile strength of over a hundred pounds. That's Craftwork! But a lot of that knowledge does little good so far south. But luckily I Forrest Gumped my way into a Medical Plant Hike at our very own Kaweah Oaks Preserve here is Visalia. I'm quite familiar with the preserve and visit frequently. But this time I was in good company, a local Dean of Sciences, who specializes in Botany and  the Local Indigenous.

I filled a notebook with enough information to fuel my medicinal Craftwork for at least a year and possibly more. My plans are to field test medicinals myself in order to best develop an accompanying SpellCraft. The results will be included in my next book, which should be ready and looking for a publisher in late 2013. (Fingers Crossed)

Thank you Lord & Lady for introducing me to the local WitchDoctor (Ph.D)

Blessed Be.

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading it! I enjoy your writing style and your craft work.