Thursday, May 17, 2012

I is for Infusion

The major portion of our second degree craftwork is called the Fuscina, which means trident or tri-tip, what we refer to as the "Third Fold."  It consists of thirteen grades, each grade in composed of a task (homework) and a project (more homework). One of those grades deals with infusions, and that's what we're working on today kids!

During the aforementioned Medicinal Plant Hike with the Good Doctor, I eagerly asked him where I could locate some Plantago Major. I have been on the lookout for Plantain ever since the day I moved here eight years ago this July. The reason being that I learned a valuable lesson about plantain back in my Army days. After considerable Conservative Evangelical Red Tape I was able to take my Pre-scheduled and Pre-approved leave in order to attend the annual Sun Dance. I hitched a ride with the Pipe Carrier I was squiring for at the time and lived out of my ruck sack and military issued field gear the whole time I was there.

It was during that amazing spiritual pilgrimage that I received the blessings of time, attention and wisdom from one of my greatest teachers. It was then that among other things, I was taught the medicines of the local plants, plantain being one of them. We were talking about my impending return to the Army and how my unit and lots of creepy crawly critters would be out in a month long Field Training Exercise waiting for me. It was then that I learned about the Magic of Plantain. It keeps the critters off. I mean, no chiggers, no ticks, no mosquitoes, and even the flies alter the trajectory to avoid you. I was the ONLY man in my unit to never suffer a single insect bite throughout the entire training exercise.

So needless to say I have made a habit of keeping my self well versed and well vested with my good friend Mr. P. Major whenever I relocate. But have yet to find it around here. Its like an Urban Legend every time the subject comes up, someone knows where some is, but can't seem to actually find any. So when I was face to face with the Good Doctor he turned me on to a local park where "it really thrives."

Thrives my ass. We spent half the day there and to no avail. But the trip was not a total loss, We found a large deposit of Wormwood, Jimson Weed (am I the only one who thinks the lilies in the Rider deck really look like Jimson Weed?) and Bitter Dock. Bitter Dock is said to be the next best thing, and we shall see. We left the Wormwood till the Mid-summer and harvested a nice large bushel of Bitter Dock (in perfect season). Brought it home, and Mama processed and jarred it. Tomorrow we'll get a nice bottle of 80% proof and My Wife will start her first Tincture! It takes six weeks so it should be ready in time for a summer test. I get to be the Guinea Pig.

Thank you Lord & Lady for Natures Little Pharmacies. Blessed Be.

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