Tuesday, May 22, 2012

J is for Jousting

Recently I realized that I have lived an extraordinary life, so far,  in a relatively short time. A few days ago there was a discussion on Facebook about Lilith, and in one of my responses I shared the fact that I have actually been to the ruins of Babylon, climbed to the top of Mount Sinai, Swam in the Red sea and been to the Great Pyramids.

My parents said they have never been surprised by any of the things I have done as an adult because of what I did as a boy. Climbing to the absolute top of every tree I could find, cliff diving and the like, all of which my Mother strongly asserts were designed to gray her hair. But in my defense, I grew up in the back woods of California, with 500 acres of hills and forest for a backyard, what was I suppose to do?

One of the cool things back wood boys did for fun in those days was Jousting. We would steal acquire long white thin plastic tubing used for irrigation and such, and head up to the "Lane," which was a straight and wide open length of trail up in the back wood.

Most of us had dirt bikes, and we all left the yard wearing our helmets, but usually ditched them once we hit the trails. Jousting was the one time we always wore them. Of all the Full Contact Sports, Jousting is the most brazen. There is no where to hide. There is no way to avoid contact, accept not to play. There are factors of strategy, but in the end it simply boils down to two factors: How hard of a hit you can Give & How hard of a hit you can Take. It is a test of both mental and physical endurance, and I learned a lot about myself in those woods.

I still find myself Jousting now and then, but when I do it's not on a horse or my Harley.  No, nowadays I tend to go Tilting at Windmills. Not of purpose of course. Its not in my nature to be mean for the sake of meanness, but if provoked I can get pretty aggressive pretty quick. A lot of that is PTSD, I have been working on it for years now and I have made great improvements. The Tarot had a big hand in that, and so did this blog. I haven't benefited from reading nearly as much as I have benefited from writing.

But every once in a while I find a rare jewel of profound words. Recently I came upon a small treasure trove of wisdom. For several months now I have been following Buddhist Boot Camp on Facebook. Timber's daily posts have always been inspiring and have had a noticeable influence on my attitude and perspective. So I was happy to hear that he published an eBook which I strongly recommend here! I  found the chapter on Anger to be particularly insightful and has shed some light on my Windmills.

Thank you Lord & Lady for the Helmet. Blessed Be.

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