Thursday, May 24, 2012

J is for Junxit

J is for Junxit, which is Latin for Unity. If you Google it, it will come up in numerous hits regarding Latin mottos, most notably: virtus junxit mors non separabit (whom virtue unites, death shall not separate). 

But as I've said before, we commit blasphemous acts in our Tradition such as giving new meaning to old words. But to be fair, these terms with their new assigned correspondences are only used within the Tradition. And in truth the terms keep their original generalized meaning, we have just attached a very specific context which is relative to our Tradition. 

While junxit continues to mean unity, we use it to infer a very specific kind of unity. The Judgement card is an excellent allegorical illustration of that unity: There are those who have heard the great trumpet sound and have been resurrected or awakened from a state of spiritual death or unconsciousness. They have risen from the caskets of dogmatic theology and they rejoice in their new ecstatic state.

Thank you Lord & Lady for the wake up call. Blessed Be.

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