Thursday, June 28, 2012

M is for Merlinian Geomancy

Yeah, not sure about the name yet. People always seem to roll their eyes at the Merlin thing. Which I actually think is kinda funny because no one seems to bat an eye at Raven-Moon-River-Hawk-Summer-Rain-Wolf-Feather, who's family has passed down the sacred-secret-squirrel-scrolls from general to general for over five-hundred-years. So why does it seem that these ridiculous pseudo-spiritual-native-knockoffs are more socially acceptable?

While I on the other hand, was born but a simple second generation country dweller, and Merlin is actually my real given middle name. I'm proudly named after my a great man, my Grandfather, Elvie Merlin Maples (26 Saturday). But I get so much crap for it. People have issues. Sigh. This concludes my test the emergency rant system.

So, I'm calling it Merlinian Geomancy for now. And it's not your Grandpas Renaissance Geomancy, It's like the Love Boat, exciting and neeewwwwww.... come aboarrrrd....we're expecting youuuuuuuu.... sorry. Anyways a few weeks ago I wrote this article about my Geomancy and the Ghost Hand technique, Mano Caligo. I love this technique for many reasons, but mostly because it fits well into my Cosmology, and more importantly, I actually get very good results.  But a funny thing happened a few months ago. While channeling the Ghost hand I plotted out two extra lines *by accident* then it happened again, and again.

The first time or two I dismissed it, but then after it reoccurred I tried to figure out what symbol it could be, and that's when I realized it was actually three in one. So when I went back to look at the first ones, they turned out to be applicable and accurate. Sooooooo I started playing with it and am really coming up with some cool shit. *I'd like to note for the record that I don't actually use profanity, like "shit" very often, on my blog, so that should be an indication of how jazzed I am. But wait there's more...if you order now, I'll include...sorry.

The three figures are deeply interconnected thus mathematically limiting the possible binary patterns which I am calling Ternions. The one pictured above is composed of Fortuna Major (greater fortune) on the top, Foruna Minor (lesser fortune) on the bottom, and they are unified by Conjuctio (conjunction, union) in the center. The three columns are obviously the primary modalities of Anima Mundi, and the three layered/interconnected figures are the Higher, Middle and Lower selves.

Chew on that for a while, then come back later and look at the *shadow* of the figures, meaning the balancing binary contrast (look at the figures the white dots make).

 I'm using this Ternion I call "Fortuna Magna" as a financial talisman, and speaking of financials, you have got to buy a copy of Jason Miller's latest book Financial Sorcery! He's a Gentleman, a scholar, and on hell of a talented Sorcerer!

That's all I got for now peeps, I'll be here all week, you've been a great audience, remember to tip your waitress, goodnite!

*the Witch Doctor has left the building*

Thank you Lord & Lady for the Magic Morse Code, Blessed Be!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

M is for Mid-Summer Melon

I first heard the term "Traditional Observance" was in the Masonic community. It referred to a revival of very old and under emphasized elements of Freemasonry, of which I am a more than ardent supporter.

The same topic has repeatedly come up in conversation and discussion over the last few years within my Coven and community.The main difference in being historical context, to which I refer to the 11th Principle of Wiccan Belief.

11. As American Witches, we are not threatened by debates on the history of the Craft, the origins of various terms, the legitimacy of various aspects of different traditions. We are concerned with our present , and our future.

There are two primary elements concerning our Veritas Wiccan Version of Traditional Observance, time and place. Nowadays we tend to meet on the weekends to celebrate Esbats and Sabbats. We all have jobs and responsibilities that take an understandable priority over the work week. This past Mid-Summer took place on a Wednesday, so most Pagans gathered to celebrate on the weekend before or weekend after. This timing has become normal and commonplace. But what did you do ON the Sabbat? Did you just wait for the community or group observance? Did you do anything on your own on the actual Solstice?

When you did celebrate the observance, where were you? Inside or out? Another evolution taking place seems to be that the majority of events are happening inside. a few weeks ago on Facebook there was a question posted, asking what people had planed for Mid-Summer. And everyone who answered was doing something indoors. I can understand the need for privacy, and in certain areas heating or air conditioning. But Paganism is general is widely thought of as a Nature-Based spiritual practice. So what's happening to all the nature? My aim is not to challenge your beliefs, but your practices. Unplug, go outside, take off your shoes n' socks, suffer in the heat or cold for a few moments and get your feet dirty!

This past weekend we managed to accomplish one of the two traditional observances. Members of our Mill Creek Community met up at Slick Rock Recreation Area on Lake Kaweah for a nice afternoon of sunshine, food and fun. We each took a turn giving thanks for the moment, blessing the Mid Summer Melon and passing it on around the circle. The picture above, taken by my daughter, is the actual Mid-Summer Melon Eclipse.

I had a great day, we got wet, we got muddy and we got watermelon everywhere, and that's how church should be.

Thank you Lord & Lady for all the Towels, Blessed Be!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

L is for Locavore

Otherwise titled "The Locavore, another card from the Joe Tarot." A Locavore is someone who eats from locally produced food sources. I have always been a locavore by nature, and by nurture. I have written quite often about the Genius Loci, and written before about this spear and this river. They are connected by my world view and my spirituality.

I firmly believe that's the way it's suppose to be. The old Pagans practiced an agriculturally based spirituality. Whereas nowadays its considered an earth based spirituality. I don't mean to be spitting hairs, but there is a difference.

The fact that someone had to make up the word "Locavore" to specifically identify people who eat food grown in their own communities shows how much things have changed. And with that, so has our magic. But fear not! I'm bringing sexy back, and you can read more about Locavore magic here in my latest post for Witches & Pagans Magazine.

Thank you Lord & Lady for all the community spirits! Blessed Be

Friday, June 8, 2012

L is for Scala

Sorry; but I can never resist the temptation of using a Non Sequitur type title because the type of people who enjoy my style of writing cannot resist the temptation of finding out why I used one. L is actually for Ladder, as in "Witch's Ladder." But as always in our tradition, we like to (a) be unique (b) do our own original work and (c) be able to tie it all into a nice bow in the end, so here goes.

"Scala" is Latin (of course) for ladder, and we use the word to identify a Mill Creek Witches Ladder. For those who may not know much about the subject you can always count on Wikipedia to give you the gist of it here, which includes a cool picture. I have stolen the rope from that picture and modified it in order to clearly illustrate my own Scala because I'm not really comfortable posting pictures of it on the Internet. But I will tell you all about it!

First, it measures from my head to my heel. It's actually a bit longer than that, but there are knots to indicate the limits of my length. The excess at top end was braided into a hanging loop. The rope is three-strand braid of old manila rope, which seems to work the best, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The rope is emblematic of a telluric current, each of the three strands represent the three vertical columns or modalities of geomantic figures.

Their are six antique keys affixed along the Scala, each one corresponds to a particular step on the Cosmology Ladder of our God Map. And the five main feathers mark the Five Labors of our Tradition. These two elements align very nicely to display a clear model of theology. For example, the observation feather falls between A. Mundi and G. Loci, which is where I center nearly all of my observances. Again, the feather of divination falls between G. Loci and L. Domestici which is where the majority of my divination is focused.

The space between these feathers and keys is filled with all manner of spellcraft fetishes, prayer ties, amulets, medicine bundles and more. I have even braided in bristles from the Besom my Mom bought me in Salem. Just beneath the observation feather I attached my old Pace Count Beads, I used them to pass the land navigation course when I was is PDLC (primary leadership development course aka sergeant school). Now I use the them to keep track of the days as we go through the moon phases, i.e. observation.

Thank you Lord & Lady for the Inclination. Blessed Be

Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Feather in My Cap

I fell hopelessly in love with Geomancy the moment I saw her across a crowded Sushi Bar with Ceremonial Magicians. I have rarely written about her or utilized the symbol set very much here at the RattleBone for a variety of reasons. So I thought I would throw myself completely out the window of my comfort zone and commit My First Blog Post for Witches and Pagans Magazine to the topic and my love for Mano Caligo. Check me out over there and leave me some love in the comments.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Realm of Opportunity

An old friend once accused me of performing magic and changing the weather. When he brought up the topic I explained that my craftwork was not an attempt to change the weather, rather I had submitted a request that the weather be changed. While I really don't think I could possibly put a dent in the weather, I strongly believe that my messages are received. After all the clouds did break, and the Sun did bless our Pagan Pride Day for the rest of the day.

That wasn't the first time I've submitted a request that was received and approved. And it hasn't been the last. I've been tinkering with my second book on and off for a while now. I realize it's going to be more than a year or two before its going to be even close to ready. And it would really help to have a bit more on my writers resume before I start looking at big time publisher. So I started looking for other writing projects to get my name out, and I cast a request for opportunity. 

Not long after that I received a message from a friend asking if I was interested in submitting a small piece on a certain topic to be included in that friends next book (coming soon). Next I was offered an opportunity to do a book review for Witches & Pagans Magazine (coming soon), and have submitted another piece to another Magazine with hope and confidence that it will get picked up (coming soon?). And then this week I was invited to join the contributors list at Witches and Pagans Magazine, and today it was official. I am now a Blogger for W&P new website!

I am planning to continue my participation in the Pagan Blog Project and make my weekly alphabetical posts. I suspect that may have contributed  to my being picked up in the first place. I will be posting over at W&P on regular weekly basis. The New Website is really nice, so come check me out and stick around, there are a lot of really great writers over there, so I'm definitely gonna need to step up my game.

Thank you Lord & Lady for listening to me. Blessed Be.