Thursday, June 28, 2012

M is for Merlinian Geomancy

Yeah, not sure about the name yet. People always seem to roll their eyes at the Merlin thing. Which I actually think is kinda funny because no one seems to bat an eye at Raven-Moon-River-Hawk-Summer-Rain-Wolf-Feather, who's family has passed down the sacred-secret-squirrel-scrolls from general to general for over five-hundred-years. So why does it seem that these ridiculous pseudo-spiritual-native-knockoffs are more socially acceptable?

While I on the other hand, was born but a simple second generation country dweller, and Merlin is actually my real given middle name. I'm proudly named after my a great man, my Grandfather, Elvie Merlin Maples (26 Saturday). But I get so much crap for it. People have issues. Sigh. This concludes my test the emergency rant system.

So, I'm calling it Merlinian Geomancy for now. And it's not your Grandpas Renaissance Geomancy, It's like the Love Boat, exciting and neeewwwwww.... come aboarrrrd....we're expecting youuuuuuuu.... sorry. Anyways a few weeks ago I wrote this article about my Geomancy and the Ghost Hand technique, Mano Caligo. I love this technique for many reasons, but mostly because it fits well into my Cosmology, and more importantly, I actually get very good results.  But a funny thing happened a few months ago. While channeling the Ghost hand I plotted out two extra lines *by accident* then it happened again, and again.

The first time or two I dismissed it, but then after it reoccurred I tried to figure out what symbol it could be, and that's when I realized it was actually three in one. So when I went back to look at the first ones, they turned out to be applicable and accurate. Sooooooo I started playing with it and am really coming up with some cool shit. *I'd like to note for the record that I don't actually use profanity, like "shit" very often, on my blog, so that should be an indication of how jazzed I am. But wait there's more...if you order now, I'll include...sorry.

The three figures are deeply interconnected thus mathematically limiting the possible binary patterns which I am calling Ternions. The one pictured above is composed of Fortuna Major (greater fortune) on the top, Foruna Minor (lesser fortune) on the bottom, and they are unified by Conjuctio (conjunction, union) in the center. The three columns are obviously the primary modalities of Anima Mundi, and the three layered/interconnected figures are the Higher, Middle and Lower selves.

Chew on that for a while, then come back later and look at the *shadow* of the figures, meaning the balancing binary contrast (look at the figures the white dots make).

 I'm using this Ternion I call "Fortuna Magna" as a financial talisman, and speaking of financials, you have got to buy a copy of Jason Miller's latest book Financial Sorcery! He's a Gentleman, a scholar, and on hell of a talented Sorcerer!

That's all I got for now peeps, I'll be here all week, you've been a great audience, remember to tip your waitress, goodnite!

*the Witch Doctor has left the building*

Thank you Lord & Lady for the Magic Morse Code, Blessed Be!


Les P Cross said...

This is very interesting! I look forward to seeing where you go with this.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Been reading down your blog. Love your sense of humor.

Jason said...

This is very similar to a technique used in some schools of I Ching divination (particularly a method called plum-blossom divination), in which the middle 4 lines of a hexagram are used to generate a transitional pair of trigrams.