Tuesday, June 26, 2012

M is for Mid-Summer Melon

I first heard the term "Traditional Observance" was in the Masonic community. It referred to a revival of very old and under emphasized elements of Freemasonry, of which I am a more than ardent supporter.

The same topic has repeatedly come up in conversation and discussion over the last few years within my Coven and community.The main difference in being historical context, to which I refer to the 11th Principle of Wiccan Belief.

11. As American Witches, we are not threatened by debates on the history of the Craft, the origins of various terms, the legitimacy of various aspects of different traditions. We are concerned with our present , and our future.

There are two primary elements concerning our Veritas Wiccan Version of Traditional Observance, time and place. Nowadays we tend to meet on the weekends to celebrate Esbats and Sabbats. We all have jobs and responsibilities that take an understandable priority over the work week. This past Mid-Summer took place on a Wednesday, so most Pagans gathered to celebrate on the weekend before or weekend after. This timing has become normal and commonplace. But what did you do ON the Sabbat? Did you just wait for the community or group observance? Did you do anything on your own on the actual Solstice?

When you did celebrate the observance, where were you? Inside or out? Another evolution taking place seems to be that the majority of events are happening inside. a few weeks ago on Facebook there was a question posted, asking what people had planed for Mid-Summer. And everyone who answered was doing something indoors. I can understand the need for privacy, and in certain areas heating or air conditioning. But Paganism is general is widely thought of as a Nature-Based spiritual practice. So what's happening to all the nature? My aim is not to challenge your beliefs, but your practices. Unplug, go outside, take off your shoes n' socks, suffer in the heat or cold for a few moments and get your feet dirty!

This past weekend we managed to accomplish one of the two traditional observances. Members of our Mill Creek Community met up at Slick Rock Recreation Area on Lake Kaweah for a nice afternoon of sunshine, food and fun. We each took a turn giving thanks for the moment, blessing the Mid Summer Melon and passing it on around the circle. The picture above, taken by my daughter, is the actual Mid-Summer Melon Eclipse.

I had a great day, we got wet, we got muddy and we got watermelon everywhere, and that's how church should be.

Thank you Lord & Lady for all the Towels, Blessed Be!

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