Friday, June 1, 2012

The Realm of Opportunity

An old friend once accused me of performing magic and changing the weather. When he brought up the topic I explained that my craftwork was not an attempt to change the weather, rather I had submitted a request that the weather be changed. While I really don't think I could possibly put a dent in the weather, I strongly believe that my messages are received. After all the clouds did break, and the Sun did bless our Pagan Pride Day for the rest of the day.

That wasn't the first time I've submitted a request that was received and approved. And it hasn't been the last. I've been tinkering with my second book on and off for a while now. I realize it's going to be more than a year or two before its going to be even close to ready. And it would really help to have a bit more on my writers resume before I start looking at big time publisher. So I started looking for other writing projects to get my name out, and I cast a request for opportunity. 

Not long after that I received a message from a friend asking if I was interested in submitting a small piece on a certain topic to be included in that friends next book (coming soon). Next I was offered an opportunity to do a book review for Witches & Pagans Magazine (coming soon), and have submitted another piece to another Magazine with hope and confidence that it will get picked up (coming soon?). And then this week I was invited to join the contributors list at Witches and Pagans Magazine, and today it was official. I am now a Blogger for W&P new website!

I am planning to continue my participation in the Pagan Blog Project and make my weekly alphabetical posts. I suspect that may have contributed  to my being picked up in the first place. I will be posting over at W&P on regular weekly basis. The New Website is really nice, so come check me out and stick around, there are a lot of really great writers over there, so I'm definitely gonna need to step up my game.

Thank you Lord & Lady for listening to me. Blessed Be.

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Mica said...

This is fantastic! Congratulations on your expansion, Brother!