Thursday, July 12, 2012

Modern Witch Magazine

In the November of 2010 I released my self published book Carcer Via: An Inmates' Guide to the Craft. And although I was "self-published" I received a generous forward from Raymond Buckland, which more than counteracted the stigma associated with self-publishing.

Then I last month I mentioned the new Realm of Opportunities that had presented themselves. But didn't name any names. The reason being that as a rule of thumb I don't write about what I'm going to do, I write about what I've done. So Now that it's done I am happy to announce mt first (non-self) published article in the latest edition of Modern Witch Magazine!

Its the Second edition of this new cool awesome magazine! It's not your usual publication either, the layout, imagery and graphics are simply amazing. In short, its a collectors item! This second edition is focused on Rites of Passage and contains some really great article on the topic of initiation, and self-dedication in modern Witchcraft. There has always been this connotation that older is better, but when it comes to the Modern Witch, that is not the case!

Thank you Lord, Lady & Devin Hunter for the opportunity. Blessed Be.

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