Thursday, July 5, 2012

N is for No More Tears

For as long as I have known her my wife has had the most extraordinary fortune. In recent years she has won tickets to see Linkin Park, then separately won the backstage meet and greet with the band, tickets to System of the Down, Tickets to Incubus with another meet and greet, ticket to Van's Warp Tour and a meet and greet with Rise Against.

Now these are just the more notable, or Fortuna Major events. It is also unusually common for her to win more Fortuna Minor events like at least one raffle prize at every Two Wheel Tuesday event we attend (motorcycle party).

Last week a friend of ours told us about how his Temple is running a fireworks booth to raise money, so come spend money there, and being good friends we did. Then he called a few days later to let us know my wife had also won the booth raffle (which he had no influence over) and that he would bring the prize by the house himself. Pictured above, my wife holds the small package she bought, the huge box she won and a smile that gives me inspiration and purpose.

For anyone who doesn't already know, I am a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I originally started this blog as a journal for my Introspective Divination project. In the beginning the vast majority of posts were about what I saw in the cards, which was always about Iraq. If you click the Pagan Veteran tab you can read some of my posts.

 In this post about the Strength card I wrote about my PTSD issues with the 4th of July. I wrote that back in 2009, but what I didn't mention back then, was when I first saw and heard fireworks on my first 4th of July after returning home from Iraq, I pissed myself.

It has taken a lot of work, especially by my wife, to get to where I am today. In 2009 I was able to be outside, seeing and watching fireworks. But last night I led the local celebration. We set up chairs, dropped the tailgate and set up our pyrotechnic arsenal. I laid out a few ground rules regarding safely and strategy, and started out with the small stuff.  After the first Roman Candle the neighbors began to set up there chairs, I started handing our sparklers to the neighborhood kids, and next thing you know, we had a "Neighborhood Watch."

At one point my neighbor across the way crossed over with a box of fireworks and asked if I was the "guy in charge," but I corrected him by loudly saying "No, I'm just the idiot with the lighter." Everyone enjoyed that one.

Just as we were prepping the fuses for our little grand finally, the city fireworks started up and there was a nice transition from our stuff in the street to the lights in the sky. My daughter discreetly told me that she was proud of me and later that night she posted on her Facebook status about how it was her Families First Real 4th of July, and how much she loved it.


Thank you Lord & Lady for last night. Blessed Be.


Anxfisa said...

Very cool! It is always exciting and amazing for me to see the healing process put into action and work. To me it is a reflection of an intensely focused journey to spirit.
My spiritual mother reminded me recently of how important "baby steps" are. When a baby is learning to walk we don't get mad at them when they fall, but we yell at ourselves when we fail at things. She said we should give ourselves the same consideration we give a child because we are creating reference points, just like they do.
Beginning the journey of healing is a powerful, transforming and horrifying process. To be willing to enter into it takes great strength. To continue it takes an even greater strength. That you have gone so far is a monument to you. To you, and to your lovely, amazing and supportive family!
You are my hero! You are all my heros!
Blessed Be!

GreenFlame said...

This blog post is totally winning. Thank you for your service. Definitely going to share this.

Elfie said...

That is awesome I'm glad that you are able to enjoy the fireworks on the 4th of July now, especially as men and women who serve are what allow us to continue to celebrate. Thank you for your service.