Sunday, August 5, 2012

P is for Prima Nupta

You know that "Love at First Sight" thing? Yeah it's real. I met her the day I drove into town and we have been together ever since. My mother made me promise not to marry until I had spent a year and a day with her, she said that we always put our best foot forward and hide our faults, issues and differences for as long as we can, sometimes this is weeks, months and sometimes more. She said hiding your personality is like holding your breath and we can't do that for too long. So give it time, spend all four seasons with a her and you will know all four sides of her. And I did.

We didn't want too wait, not one day more than we needed to. But a promise is a promise, and a promise to your mom is a million times more. She respected that so much, and that was another green light to me. So we were Handfasted on the anniversary of the day we met, almost on the hour.

We had been practicing together, alone, for some time and had our own way of doing things. We had written it ourselves, every word. I seemed to mean so much more to us that way. I began working on some additional pieces and elements to add to our usual ritual. We opened our home and invited the whole community to our Handfasting. It was the first time we had ever performed our ritual publicly, not only it was a ritual expression of our beliefs but also of our love. And it was beautiful.

Afterward people remarked on how much they had enjoyed the ritual and asked where we had learned it. They seemed so surprised when we told them it was our own. They suggested that we "do it again," and we explained that that's how we always do it, except without the Handfasting in the middle. They said that we should do a full moon ritual that way, and again we said, "We do." The response changed everything...

"Can we come?"

From that first Handfasting ritual a Coven grew. From that Coven, a Tradition. And from that Tradition, a church, a prison ministry and now a Seminary. Prima Nupta means the "First Marriage," and is in reference to our Handfasting ritual, the first ritual, the marriage that gave birth to the Witches of Mill Creek. This past July 19th we celebrated the 6th year anniversary of our Marriage and much, much more.

Thank you Lord & Lady for our own divine union, BB.


Buddhagan said...

How sweet! May your tradition continue to flourish. This story should be passed down.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Much thanks and blessings to you and yours!