Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Innovating Kinnish II

That last post was running a little longer than expected. So I decided to stop where I did and take a break. I always have a general idea of what I want to express in each post, and in my head I’m always three or four posts head of the last  one published. But the writing process is very organic, and most of my best stuff pours out while I’m trying to say something else.

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, rambling about innovation. Funny story; many years ago I was having a conversation with a Golden Dawn Ceremonial Magician about this very topic of innovation, making the same points about the romantic validation of a belief, practice or tradition based on how old it is; and how not only is it okay to make up you own stuff, many times it’s actually better. After some discussion and some civil debate we came to an interesting agreement:

“It’s okay to make stuff up, as long as you do it right..”

Which leads to the second form of validation, popularity. While I stand fast to my assertion that it is the benefit of beliefs and practices that determine their validity, and their value; most people settle for popularity. 

In other words, it doesn’t need to actually work well, as long as enough people are doing it. If I were using a Big Bang Theory theme, this episode would be called “The Population Validation.”

Yeah, fuck that.

Seriously. Don’t we get enough mindless orthopraxy from the other areas of our lives? Fuck. That. Life is too short. I’ve got less than 50 years left on this rock, so my time is too valuable to be wasted on voluntary bullshit that does not benefit me. 

I’m all about quality over quantity. I want good high quality times, spent with good high quality people, doing good high quality things, like good high quality Heathenry. And all of my Kinnish innovations have been developed to enhance those good high quality experiences.

So, I'll leave you with a small simple example of a recent innovation.

We read in the lore about the war between the Aesir and Vanir. How they came together in truce, and how as part of that truce, each of them spit into a vat. Their spit mingled and from their combined saliva; Kvasir, wisest of all beings was born.

They came together under a banner of truce, Grith. And their grithy spit produced the “wisest being.” I found that quite inspirational. 

From that one might make the argument that this portion of lore supports the mixing and mingling DNA, to “produce good natured wisdom.” But that’s another post. For now let’s just apply that theme to formally establishing grith at gatherings.

The Grithhold is a vessel, like the vat. Mine is a nice wooden bowl. And in that bowl is a fresh dirt from several specific places on my property, the Nichterhof. And when people come to the Nichterhof for blot, they spit in that wooden bowl full of dirt as a gesture of grith.

This gesture indicates their compliance to the policy that “no business will be conducted on continental grounds.”

It’s a simple innovation inspired by lore. But it becomes sacred when we share it. 

And you can’t make Frith without Grith.

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