Monday, July 16, 2018

Collaborating Kinnish

Historically; several of my large mistakes have all fit into a common theme I like to call "Misplacement." For example, I have repeatedly misplaced my trust in the wrong people. Moreover, I have repeatedly misplaced the credit for my successes.

Over the years I have started several different Initiatives. A Coven, a Religious Tradition, a Prison Ministry, a Correctional Chaplains Association, a brick and mortar Community Church and Seminary, and several private Social and Fraternal Organizations. (Holy shit it really sounds like a lot when I stop to list them all)

My point is that these past initiatives were products of my own original ideas and concepts. I designed and developed them, I started them, I funded them, and I led them. But when I spoke, I always said "We" not "Me." We have come a long way. We have put in a lot of work. We should be proud of what We have built. When the simple truth is that I did all the work, and everyone watched and nodded.

My main reason for sharing credit for what I viewed, at the time, as success was my aversion to ego. I didn't want it to become the JOE SHOW. I didn't want to become a cult leader. So, I shared everything with everyone, except the work. 

To my own credit, I tried. 

Cult leader create followers, I wanted to create more leaders. But people are lazy, and I love the work, so on and on WE went, until I finally came to my senses and walked away. 

Which is why none of those initiatives still exist. Because I chose to walk away. The only failure was in my ability to keep repeating those same mistakes. #positivefailure #lessonlearned

 Flash forward.

As I mentioned in the previous post, it's been a year and ten days since I Broke Kinnish, and so much has happened since then. The most significant has been the establishment of the first Kinnish Community, a Commonwealth. This past weekend we gathered to celebrate the second child born into our commonwealth with a naming ceremony; also, to celebrate the Taking of Land by the parents, and to recognize their new home as the fifth Hof in our community. 

A community that shares responsibility. a community in which each Hof takes its turn hosting a gathering, Hospitality; and each member contributes to the feast and the funds. A community that has told me "we don't you paying for that out of your own pocket, the commonwealth has money for that."

I may have begun laying a foundation, but there is now a whole a community, building itself. I may have Broken Kinnish, but it is no longer up to me alone to say what comes next. From here on, we are collaborating Kinnish.

I am Vaknir, and We are many.    

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